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Butterfly Backplane Power seven properties How? What sets with plastic better?

free4202010-02-19 21:10:29 +0000 #1
Prawns I am a beginner you want to master pointing -
Shepherd Boys star2010-02-19 21:20:54 +0000 #2
-7 pairs of loop momentum close to the table fast break fast break and have a good performance. The film speed, at the end of fresh enough, control is good, suitable for arc rotation play,

Are you sure you are playing fast arc, then this film for you is a good choice! But you are a beginner, this film you may very well controlled! It forward setting of too strong!

Butterfly POWER-7-CS

Thickness: 5.8 mm (the actual date) Weight: 94 grams (with the actual date),

Type: Pen elastic loop-type: 88

point of: 91 Speed: slow

Structure: The seven-story wooden handle shape: Chinese play Influenza: soft

Butterfly Company Code: 21230

Description: The ball plate is a larger stretch, pull the ball forward setting and strong, but also applies to fast-break style of play are plastic, ball speed, attack floor, Chinese-style straight

Rubber recommendations are being hand-mad Biao backhand focus. is a good choice for beginners!



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