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Shi Jue Carbon for the Blue!

囧off-line2010-02-19 21:10:42 +0000 #1
In the long-term training, I gradually found that Lao Shi carbon problem: out of the ball too hard too fast, the ball can not be on the floor to "stop" friction, carbon fiber layer can not produce deformation force, pull the ball no less than two-hop tie. Blue Jazz + forehand wish to purchase in neo Tian Ji 3 + spin on the backhand sriver el make up for lack of, can?
Shepherd Boys star2010-02-19 21:20:04 +0000 #2
you first make sure you pull the ball did not move out of a problem.

Neo Tian Ji 3 spin forehand is good, arc length, suitable for COSCO Taiwan exchange that, according to your circumstances do not buy 41 degrees, 39 degrees may be combined to your taste, great hardness of 41 degrees is said to be used in the national team. but also for those who do not love the person filling glue. backhand sriver el is a good backhand recognized rubber, but there are some people not suited to its astringent nature, especially in the return of serve is not good when you tune the way the net chopping too easy. Shi carbon is generally equipped with mad Biao, said it was the era of the king of one of the inorganic , not used ......



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