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Girls sports test

Only Love Mint2010-01-28 20:01:15 +0000 #1
medicine ball pass the 6 meters, throwing a 5.3 meter (still play a good -

long jump every time the past, this jumped to 160 to run 800

4 over a minute until a total score of D ah, next year early in May examination on the amount of sports, there is the A's hope?

how practice


sit-ups of these projects can not even solid ball? every time 30 on the tired to death -

800-meter endurance not, running when the legs are not tired, just to breathe special sluggish finish to the feeling of vomiting blood preparations

And then there are the long jump in order to further some of Ze Yang ah

really Melancholy Man - good-hearted people

well, it would help him more points ah
丶Tien Wei-berry2010-01-28 20:13:25 +0000 #2
hey, with the咱much the same, but better than you No point of

800 meters, go swimming (if you are afraid of water, hey, met bosom friend, and I'm afraid the water ah! But we are worried have to swim ah And so in order to test Pinlelaoming ...

As for the solid ball, the action is very important (咱teacher said, throwing the time to bend over, arms should bend at the back of the foot pedal still have to bend, and then try to throw upward , looks like we can throw so much ...

these things must be practiced, and sit-ups are ...

Well, the arm waving magnitudes big points, force points, legs should bend, the most important thing is to take the time to jump out of ... ...

comprehensive examination in sports, you have to go all out at any time consciousness
I faint I晕晕12010-01-28 20:38:36 +0000 #3
I am also a third-year students, the Shenzhen side ...

I think you are not a result of the paper solid ball and long jump.

200 meters compulsory. so you have to practice endurance and speed.

We are a physical education teacher is telling us to go duck-step and a high leg lift. as well as the running distance ranging from 750-2500 meters. (This practice endurance, even my sports members, can not finish a certain package permits the full 200 meters).

sometimes running three groups 100 meters (this practice hand arm speed, arm swing of the faster your hands, run faster).

I think your project of their choice because of the paper basketball.

In the previous sports teachers are recommended for basketball, because time is long, as long as you have hit a layup rate, absolutely no problem. even if slowly ran layup.

want to help to you.



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