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Nanchang How can sell about 500 speed bike?

I was Chow Yun Fat2010-04-11 14:10:35 +0000 #1
Nanchang How can sell about 500 speed bike, brand not limited to, the local newspaper?

Knees and begged, Please, quick! Oh, is not necessarily better to have speed.
Beijing pcb design2010-04-11 14:12:16 +0000 #2
1k yuan, according to I observed enthusiasts often choose to buy mtb Giant atx660 / Melitta warrior like in the future would like to make food out of cars is very convenient, too much to complain of space and upgrades necessary, if not quite come up with value plunges off, riding out of good and evil is a brand name people know more.

If the road is good, then the secondary giant weather vane road car, the price of purity is often bad.

Giant's wind speed series of road cars are about 700-1k, the effect of imitation of the general road, a type atheism, but also on the speed right or wrong to go.

In fact, a friend, you can talk about the need for a car to see the reason, if you only look nice do not care about performance, 1k, but can hold a relatively Hyun residual car, go out to intimidate people is no problem.

With a fake sticker on a car of carbon weave look more bovine B, to spend several blocks Bale.

If you are commuting, then purchasing a variable speed or fold better.

If you want a good exercise, then, a mountain close to 2k or 2k + entry, entry road is necessary, and the rest with some services like riding helmet is also necessary inputs.

Of course, as some of the friends, the only vehicles moving were tens of thousands of input and see their own economic strength is not allowed. Seen a lot of riding around the entry vehicle 1k travel thousands of kilometers long the problem has much to complain as much as possible into the mountains it wants to do.

Bought a car then they have to coax girlfriend as well as her only girl, and you meet Oh.
------------------------------------------------- ------------------

now slightly larger bike shops sell all speed mountain bike, but is made up about 5 100 to avoid the double-steel frame of the Cai Cai car. Recommended a slight increase to the University District to see points meters can receive a second-hand warrior, good and evil is a 7-speed aluminum frame.

Otherwise buy XDS, less than 600 have started road vehicles and mountain biking options, although at 6, the effect was still generally good and evil can ride light enough aluminum. I remember the way in Fuzhou have not told Catherine Wheel did not know the car dealers specialize in XDS, search the Internet search to see you, Did not we have news that XDS in Honggutan there staged a public event celebrating the winning car Mody.



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