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Winter sports training test

Our Health2010-04-20 02:11:46 +0000 #1
recent days cold about 10 degrees here we pay attention to what the training exercise a few days back to school is about to test a 200m race in sports, and rope skipping as a long jump, I jump out of usually 2.55 m just afraid of how to enhance the training exam mistakes skipping the event on more than 170 how to achieve the most out of a 190 score to wear spiked shoes to run 200m in 27 seconds or so I once also the best out of 27.1 seconds was 26.4 seconds in the cold winter with no exercise of one How to strengthen my full marks to all Note: there are more than 3 months examination. I want to know the sign of workable methods Xie.
Number of Cat's bastard2010-04-20 02:20:15 +0000 #2
the winter sports training, then must pay attention to warm, warm-up time will start sweating, we call the warm-up is to sweat, your body's flexibility and all aspects open, will have better training. As for running, skipping and jumping are related to leg strength are related, it is recommended to do some leapfrogging, like the leg squat exercise to strengthen the power of what the leg, and the long jump and sprint in skills is also important in the hope of help you Oh



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