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No Fallout from Phan/Johnson? WEREWOLF2011-09-21 11:15
I thought Phan clearly won this fight.
Antonio Mckee...Is This Guy The Real Deal? chucksboy2011-09-21 11:17 Just saw this and fell in love with his personality but
TUF 13 interest? bhorrrr2011-08-22 18:16
[[EDIT: Apparently, this is season 12. Shows how much I know...]] Is there any? bloodyelbow ra
Wanderlei Silva New Reality Show - Fighter Life (trailer) neon_nightmare2011-08-22 18:23 Anyone heard anything about this? looks sic. not su
GSP made Kos look foolish RangerLee2011-08-16 09:16
GSP made Kos look foolish with the fighter pics, seriously controller whom he picked, it was a work
Gaze into the crystal ball... split decision2011-08-01 14:12
Please register your predictions here. This is how I see it: Jonathan Brookins over Kyle Watson
Tuf 10/27/10 cuotfs2011-07-08 05:14
Anyone else watch that piece of crap? Wow! What a complete waste of time. The fight was boring
GSP vs Nick Diaz Official for UFC 137 October 29th tw0mey2011-06-30 01:26
Quote: You wanted it? Well, you got it. UFC President Dana White today con
UFC 118 Live in Boston, review allyacamilla2011-06-29 04:23
I have just browsing and found site who give reviews on UFC 118 match in Boston at USA Hot Trends:
Could You See Lesnar-Mir 3? HISTORY2011-06-28 22:23
I can. The UFC will do whatever it takes to get a rubber match or another fight out of those gu
Randy Couture predicts UFC 131 Carwin vs Dos Santos mma_ko2011-06-26 21:27 Randy Couture predicts the winner of UFC 131 for th
Anthony Johnson Injured, Rick Story in Against Marquardt tw0mey2011-06-25 22:35
Quote: Ruh-roh. Anthony Johnson was all set to welcome perennial middlewei
Next UFC Game Out in January, Includes PRIDE Mode tw0mey2011-06-25 21:15
Quote: t was announced today that the third installment of the video game, UFC
Who Wants to Get TUF Rustyjux2011-06-21 10:17
By Jason Kelly A house fuelled with testosterone, alcohol, and macho egos. Sounds like a typica
TUF 13 Finale *Spoiler*. Afterglow2011-06-21 08:22
....... ............ ................. Good knockout for Herman. Hope I see
Ultimate Fighter Finale 13 Prediction Contest tw0mey2011-06-18 22:20
MAIN CARD (Spike TV) Tony Ferguson vs. Ramsey Nijem ("TUF 13" tourney finale) Clay Gu
Rampage's "Biggest" Fan HISTORY2011-06-17 04:15
Hilarious... Also does Lashley look huge or what? I thought he weighed in at like 245 in
Nick Diaz' New Contract for 8 Fights, Can Fight Both UFC and SF tw0mey2011-06-15 20:42
Quote: Following up yesterday’s bombshell about Nick Diaz‘s October 29th return
Are you okay with the UFC ending Strikeforce? Red Tex2011-06-15 04:17
Many think that's what is going to ultimately happen. How many in here would like to see the UFC tak
Tito Is Jacked! HISTORY2011-06-15 01:13
Spike TV or elsewhere? Afterglow2011-06-13 20:25
Quote: As TV Deal Winds Down, UFC Will Choose Between Spike or New Home We
UFC 130 *Spoilers* Afterglow2011-06-12 07:14
.... ....... ............. Grove is gettin schooled.
Steven Seagal joins UFC! Pastuch2011-06-12 06:21
UFC 130 Prediction Contest JKhrome12011-06-12 00:24
The UFC Prediction Contest for UFC 130 The History of The MMA Boards Past Prediction Contest Winn
Yager WAS impressed with Bruce LeeRoy JJBuck2011-06-11 12:19
He was. Tito's undecided. and Junie Browning punched his TV 3 weeks ago, so he hasn't seen
Hatsu Hioki UFC bound? Crow_Time2011-06-10 00:22
If all goes well, the UFC could have all the top-ranked featherweight talent locked up by next month
Rampage the Bully HISTORY2011-06-10 00:26
Jeez, first he hates on Kenny Florian now this poor guy. The guy can't stand the silghtest shit inte
Phillipines Could Host First Internation TUF, UFC Eyes Future GPs tw0mey2011-06-09 09:21
Quote: UFC president Dana White is still hanging "TUF" with the Philippines, bu
Cro Cop vs Hunt possible Crow_Time2011-06-09 08:26
Cro Cop vs Hunt maybe be in the works according to Dana... If Mirko fought smart and took it to
Story .vs. Fitch HISTORY2011-06-05 17:25
That would be the cure to a meth head's insomnia and addiction I think. UFC could promote this
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