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UFC to Germany again

EL LOCO2010-06-08 17:19:11 +0000 #1



Die UFC ist wieder nach Deutschland kommen.

Translation: The UFC is coming back to Germany.

After a successful first show in 2009, it appears the promotion will be heading back to Germany sooner rather than later. They aren't backing down from the challenge of the local government that wants to take the sport off of television there.

Never one to back down from a potential challenge, UFC president Dana White was adamant when asked about returning to Germany, and he says this year is the plan in motion right now.

"We are doing a show," White said about returning to Germany in 2010. "One thing we don't do, we don't back down, and we don't curl up and climb into the closet when things don't go (our way). We're going to come out, guns a-blazing, and we're going to keep going."

The battle lines have been drawn with UFC programming being pulled from networks in Germany due to the "extent of violence shown to be unacceptable."

The UFC has never stepped away from a situation that could be difficult, and this will be another wall to climb for White along with co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, vice president Marc Ratner, and lead counsel Lawrence Epstein.

White stands by the fact that the UFC has stood for the sport of mixed martial arts worldwide, and they will continue to do that in Germany and other places where they may not be fully welcomed yet, but they plan to change that.

"Our job is to build the sport. We're not going to stop," said White. "Not getting TV isn't going to stop us; we're going to keep going. We can't get into Ontario; we're opening an office there. It doesn't bother us."

The UFC already has plans to travel overseas to England in October for a live event, but there's no definite timeline for the return to Germany. Any number of slots, however, could open up for the promotion to go back.

The last show in Germany was a rousing success locally and worldwide, and the UFC plans on planting a flag there for future shows, as well as more locations in Europe as time moves on.

Never say die....



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