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Crow_Time2010-06-22 23:40:54 +0000 #1

Round 1 - Referee Kevin Dornan gets the undercard action started. Pyle paws with jabs and gets tagged with a body shot. Lennox lands a leg kick. Pyle closes, the two collide, then break off. Pyle with a jab, then a follow-up leg kick. Lennox stalking in. Lennox with another lunging body punch. Lennox with inside leg kick. Pyle is pawing with jabs, but not doing much else. Lennox with another lunging jab and a leg kick. Pyle gives a leg kick. Audience boos. Pyle tries to take the action down, but Lennox gets and underhook and keeps them up. They go back to a loose sparring match on the feet. Nothing big landing except for a few inside leg kicks and body punches. Lennox misses with a big hook. Lennox hints at a takedown, but doesn't follow through. Lennox with a nice body kick. Not much doing. They trade body kicks. Lennox with a nice body shot, then another. Audience is restless. Lennox misses with a bolo. The two clash and Pyle lands a knee in the clinch before they break off. Lennox lands a big left hook and looks to be on shaky legs, but as Lennox charges in, Pyle catches him with a straight right that staggers Lennox. Pyle immediately jumps on him and applies a guillotine, but Lennox squirms out and the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Pyle.

Round 2 - Lennox closing with punches, but Pyle lands nice straight right to open the fight. As Lennox leg kicks, Pyle clowns a little. Pyle is backing away with his body turned, almost daring Lennox to throw the bolo. Instead, he takes a big body shot. Lennox closes and the two spill to the canvas. Pyle snags an arm hinting at a kimura, and the two scramble for position. They turn over and over until Pyle ends up on top in half-guard. Pyle postures up briefly, but he puts his head into Lennox's chest and hints at a pass. Instead, Lennox re-gains guard. Pyle stands over him and wings a few shots down. Lennox pitches forward and Pyle chases him across the cage as they right themselves. But as they hit the cage, it's Lennox who drives Pyle down and ends up in Pyle's guard. Action has slowed markedly. Lennox with elbows to the body. Lennox posts up looking for something big, but he's tied up in Pyle's legs. Pyle rolls for an armbar and in the ensuing scramble Lennox is at his back as Pyle covers up on his hands and knees. scores the round 10-9 for Pyle.

Round 3 - Knee lands early from Pyle. Lennox returns with a hook and a leg kick. Pyle meets a punch with a front kick. Pyle going hard with inside leg kicks. Lennox's face wears far more damage. But he's swinging for the fences with that hook, and Pyle is blocking them. Pyle with a nice straight right. Lennox with another blocked bolo. Pyle isn't giving him much--his strategy is to take the steam out of Lennox's predictable approach. As Lennox closes, he takes jabs and inside leg kicks broken up by the occasional straight right. Pyle taking control of the stand-up game. Pyle goes with a spinning hook kick, to which Lennox throws a spinning backlist. Both get air. Lennox's nose is bleeding badly. Pyle catches a punch as Lennox charges in, but he lands a knee at the cage edge before they break off. Lennox literally launches himself into Pyle and gets nothing. Pyle goes flatfooted and dares Lennox to throw. Lennox obliges, and plasters Pyle with a couple of big punches that have him in big trouble. Pyle gets the takedown and threatens with an armbar before catching his favorite submission, a triangle. Pyle alerts the ref that Lennox is out after throwing a few elbows to Lennox's dome. Official time is 4:44. Good win for Pyle. Mike Pyle def. Jesse Lennox via technical submission (triangle choke) - Round 3, 4:44.

Crow_Time2010-06-22 23:43:11 +0000 #2
1-0 so far bitches.
Afterglow2010-06-22 23:55:54 +0000 #3

Round 1 - Referee Tony Williamson is the third man in the cage for the second bout of the night. Southpaw Funch lands an inside leg kick to start. Patrick closes, then ruses in to clinch at the cage. He wants this one down, apparently. He lands a knee against the cage, and a foot stomp. Patrick knees the legs. Funch reverses against the cage and grabs for a single leg. They reverse, and Patrick gets a body lock and takes the fight down. Patrick passes to half-guard while Funch squirms to re-take guard. He does, and Patrick postures up. Funch hints at an armbar, but Patrick isn't having it. Referee Williamson stops the action and stands the two up. He's having a chat with Funch. Might have been an illegal upkick from Funch. After a short break, the ref re-starts them with Patrick in Funch's guard. Patrick posts up again, and Funch almost kicks him off. Patrick with a couple of big left hands before he goes back to guard. Patrick posts up and throws another left, then another. Funch trying to kick him off. Patrick passes to half guard and lands a few shots in transition. Funch's left eye is a bit swollen. Patrick grabs a guillotine with a pass and goes for the choke from mount as the ten second mark is sounded. Patrick can't close it, though, before round ends. scores the round 10-9 for the Canadian Patrick.

Round 2 - Funch leads with a leg kick. Patrick closes distance again and attempts to wrestle it down. Funch reverses against the cage and drives for a leg. Patrick looks for a guillotine and the audience chants for a knee. Funch keeps driving for that takedown and the action stalls. Funch with a knee to the leg. Funch gives up takedown attempt and Patrick jumps for a guillotine at the cage wall. Funch is caught. With nowhere to go, he taps quickly. The official time is 1:48 of the second frame. Claude Patrick def. Ricardo Funch via submission (guillotine choke) - Round 2, 1:48.
Crow_Time2010-06-23 00:24:39 +0000 #4

Round 1 - Referee Kevin Dornan oversees the third bout of the evening. Southpaw Sobotta takes a jab. Wilks closes with a jab and a hard leg kick. Sobotta returns with a one-two. Wilks closing distance and weathering Sobotta's strikes. Wilks misses with a cross and the two lock up against the cage. Sobotta peels off with a hard left hand. Sobotta and Wilks trade front kicks and the two spill to the canvas. Wilks hints at a guillotine, but he quickly lets it go. Sobotta in Wilks' guard working body-body-head. Wilks angles for a triangle. Wilks quickly whips into an armbar and rolls the German over. He's got it, but Sobotta won't give up and manages to escape when he stands and pulls out. Sobotta attempts to return the favor with some strikes standing over Wilks, but no dice. Wilks lands a nice body shots as he corners Sobotta and Sobotta ties the action up at the cage edge. Wilks attempts a few takedowns, but he then drops to his back and locks up an oma plata. Sobotta escapes it and the two returns to their feet, where Sobotta immediately pressures against the cage. Wilks reverses and the two end the round in the clinch. scores the round 10-9 for Wilks.

Round 2 - Sobotta lands a couple of nice punches in the first exchange of the round and bullies Wilks to the cage edge. They wrestle for position against the cage and Sobotta drops levels for a takedown. Wilks throws a knee and gets the German to back off. Sobotta peels off with a punch. Wilks immediately purses and lands a couple of nice punches as Sobotta retreats. Sobotta again ties the action up on the other side of the cage and the action stalls again. Sobotta wants that takedown, but jiu-jitsu specialist Wilks won't let him have it. Wilks lands a nice knee to the head from the clinch. Wilks reverses and gets a quick trip takedown at the cage edge, and he's immediately in mount. He hints at an arm triangle, but Sobotta scrambles and grabs his leg. Wilks escapes and grabs a guillotine. Sobotta's quickly out of it and the two briefly take north-south before Wilks stands out of it. He misses a high kick when Sobotta gets up. Wilks chases forward with punches and the two end the round up against the cage once again. scores the round 10-9 for Wilks.

Round 3 - Wilks pushes his way in with punches and tags Sobotta a few times as the round gets underway. Sobotta defends as best he can on his bicycle and again, the two are locked up at the cage. Wilks scoops Sobotta up and looks like he's got the takedown, but Sobotta escapes. Wilks with a nice straight right. Sobotta goes for a takedown off a leg kick and Wilks grabs his leg as the two spill to the mat. But Sobotta is ready and takes Wilks' back in the subsequent scramble. Sobotta locks in a body triangle. Wilks fighting to control Sobotta's arms. Sobotta working to distract the native Brit. Sobotta stays on Wilks' back as the Brit tries to roll. Sobotta tries to use his right leg to snag Wilks' arm, but Wilks manages to spin out and take Sobotta's guard. Wilks works short elbows while Sobotta paws at his head. Wilks attempting ground and pound, but he's tied up in Sobotta's legs. Round ends, and scores the final frame for Sobotta, 10-9. But on the card, the fight goes to Wilks by a score of 29-28. James Wilks def. Peter Sobotta via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-28, 30-27)
Crow_Time2010-06-23 01:15:45 +0000 #5
Loiseau is next.... PLEASE, PLEASE GOD WIN.....
Afterglow2010-06-23 00:59:30 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Crow_Time


Don't think he's fighting tonight.



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