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Is Jorge Rivera acting like a dick?

Fightink2011-03-11 03:25:30 +0000 #1
Couple of qualifers...

I am a Brit.

I've met Bisping on a couple of occasions and he's been a gent each time. I would not call myself a 'Bisping fan', since for most of his recent fights I've been rooting for the other guy (see my Avatar )

I understand why alot of you Americans don't like him to be honest.

-The UFC has put alot of marketing muscle behind him and alot of mma fans UK and US feel that his in cage achivements have not justified or warrented the sometimes 'special' treatment he's had. Fine I can see that arguement.

-His British sense of humour doesn't always translate well to the US. See US vs UK season. He's cheeky and just like Ricky Geerves American folks sometimes read this kind of humor like he s being mean spirited...fine also.

-He has admittedly undeniably acted like a dick on a handful off occasions, most notably post fight after that dodgy Hamil decision and talking smack about Hendo pre UFC 100.

BUT...Right now I think Jorge Rivera (a fighter I always kinda liked) is making a fool of himself. His mockery is real school yard stuff, it's witless it's childish and some of it seems to be directed at all us Brits and at the country of Austraila and Bisping's fiance and stuff like that- You'd think a guy with such recently documented personal family tragedy in his life would lay off of talking smack about another guys family??

I think he thinks he's doing a Sonnen...But the difference was Chael Sonnen was SMART, witty and cheeky and geniunely funny...I feel like Jorge is basically trying to jump onto the Bisping hate wagon, but I think he's just coming across like a dickhead.

I wasn't pulling for Bisping but I am now.

Sonnen made some hillarious observations about Silva and Ed Sores and Dana and bunch of other stuff that made me laugh...Rivera is just posting these awful vids of himself in stupid costumes singing 'Bisping is a dick' over and over...

I love a good trash talker as much as the next man, but do you really think what Jorge's been doing is funny, cool or bad ass...?

What do you guys think? Is the hate for Bisping just so strong that a vid of his opponent in stupid costume calling him a dick over and over is what passes for hype/trash talk these days?

Mr Jones2011-03-11 03:33:20 +0000 #2
I haven't seen the videos yet, but I'm aware of the animosity between them and I've heard of the trash talk Rivera and Bisping are doing.

If the facts are as you stated, then I'd have to agree with you.

Although being an American, I always root against Bisping. ;)
Fightink2011-03-11 04:12:39 +0000 #3
I think this is one of his latest efforts...

Video From YouTube:(link)

Goofy...yes. Funny? I'm not so sure.
Mr Jones2011-03-11 03:38:20 +0000 #4
Here it is:

I thought the costumes were funny and the premise was funny, but you're right the dick thing is out of control and childish.
HISTORY2011-03-11 04:57:26 +0000 #5
I don't like Bisping at all, but that had to be the lamest thing I've seen all day. I could talk better trash than that.
JAX2011-03-11 05:16:39 +0000 #6
I don't mind Bisping and think he gets alot of undeserved hate. He's alright fighter with decent skills and usually puts on an entertaining fight. I'll be rooting for him in this one.



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