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UFC 128 Prediction Contest

Crow_Time2011-03-30 20:22:48 +0000 #1
The UFC Prediction Contest for UFC 127

The History of The MMA Boards Past Prediction Contest Winner's

Past Winners And How Many Times They've Won:


UFC 72: Kerrdogg


UFC 74: Tobes

UFC 75: Crow Time (1st)

UFC 76: taa23 (1st)

UFC 77: HISTORY (1st)

UFC 78: HISTORY (2nd)

UFC 79: Crow Time (2nd)


UFC 81: brunow

UFC 82: JimDaeWong (1st)

UFC 83: steve (1st)

UFC 84: Wurms (1st)

UFC 86: steve (2nd)

Affliction Banned: HISTORY (3rd)

UFC 87: arm85z

UFC 88: JimDaeWong (2nd) and Wurms (2nd) (co winners/tie)

UFC 89: beaux (1st)

UFC 90: jbleedin

UFC 91: beaux (2nd)

UFC 92: Wurms (3rd)


Affliction Day Of Reckoning: RLS 4511 (1st)

UFC 94: Wurms (4th)

UFC 95: RJ316 (1st)

UFC 96: Wurms (5th)

UFC 97: Chopely

UFC 98: RLS 4511 (2nd)

UFC 99: deltauno

UFC 100: HISTORY (4th)

UFC 101: Dacow

UFC 102: Tha Prodigy (1st)

UFC 103: beaux (3rd)

UFC 104: wandy 1

UFC 105: MKZ

UFC 106: asugar (1st)

UFC 107: Tha Prodigy (2nd)

UFC 108: cody 1475

UFC 109: Tw0mey

UFC 110: beaux (4th)

UFC 111: MFSQPFAN (4th)

UFC 112: Ramsay (1st)

UFC 113: beaux (5th)

UFC 114: RJ316 (2nd)

UFC 115: Wurms (6th)

UFC 116: Ramsay (2nd)

UFC 117: Strick90

UFC 118: beaux (6th)

UFC 119: asugar (2nd)

UFC 120: Ramsay (3rd)

UFC 121: asugar (3rd)

UFC 122: Wurms (7th)

UFC 123: Wurms (8th)

UFC 124: klop325

UFC 125: RJ316 (3rd)

UFC 126: Taa23 (2nd)

UFC 127: Ramsay (4th)

Alright here is how it works:

4 points to pick the winner.

3 points to pick the round (and winner)

3 points to pick the style (and winner)

Maximum 10 points per fight.

Rounds: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 (5 for championship 3 for normal)

Style: KO (votes as TKO and KO count as the same)- SUB - Decision (split and unanimous count as the same)

Submissions for each fight must be in this format:


When: March 19, 2011 at 12 P.M. Pacific Live, 7 P.M. Pacific On PPV

Where: Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Event Bouts:

UFC Light Heavyweight Title:

Mauricio Shogun Rua (c) (Record: 19-4-0)


Jon Jones (Record: 12-1-0)

Urijah Faber (Record: 24-4-0)


Eddie Wineland (Record: 18-6-1)

Brendan Schaub (Record: 7-1-0)


Mirko Crocop Filipovic (Record: 28-7-2-1)

Nate Marquardt (Record: 30-10-2)


Dan Miller

Jim Miller (Record: 19-2-0)


Kamal Shalorus (Record: 7-0-2)

Preliminary Card (Spike TV):

Edson Barboza (Record: 7-0-0)


Anthony Njokuani (Record: 13-4-0-1)

Luis Cane (Record: 10-3-0-1)


Eliot Marshall (Record: 8-2-0)

Preliminary Bouts:

Ricardo Almeida (Record: 13-4-0)


Mike Pyle (Record: 20-7-1)

Kurt Pellegrino (Record: 15-5-0)


Gleison Tibau (Record: 21-7-0)

Joseph Benavidez (Record: 13-2-0)


Ian Loveland (Record: 14-7-0)

Raphael Assuncao (Record: 15-3-0)


Erik Koch (Record: 11-1-0)

Costantinos Phillipou


Nick Catone (Record: 8-2-0)

Crow_Time2011-03-30 20:27:12 +0000 #2
Shogun - 2rd Submission

Faber - 2rd Submission

Cro Cop - UD

Marquardt - 3rd TKO

Miller - UD

Barboza - 2rd Submission

Cane - UD

Pyle - UD

Tibau- UD

Benavidez - 1rd Submission

Koch - 1rd KO

Catone - UD
JKhrome12011-03-30 20:36:06 +0000 #3
DAMN Crow, you really see that many decisions on this card ???

Shogun Rua 2nd TKO/KO

Urijah Faber 1st SUB

Mirko Crocop 2nd TKO/KO

Nate Marquardt 2nd TKO/KO

Jim Miller DEC

Anthony Njokuani 3rd TKO/KO

Luis Cane 2nd TKO/KO

Ricardo Almeida 3rd SUB

Gleison Tibau 1st TKO/KO

Joseph Benavidez DEC

Erik Koch DEC

Costantinos Phillipou 2nd SUB
Crow_Time2011-03-30 21:22:18 +0000 #4
Id be pretty shocked if Tibau finished Batman... That dude is tough as nails.

Also I think a lot of these match ups are really even.
JKhrome12011-03-30 20:59:54 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Crow_Time

Id be pretty shocked if Tibau finished Batman... That dude is tough as nails.

Also I think a lot of these match ups are really even.

actually i picked Grino to win this fight but then i was like hmmmmmm lets do something with this pick thats off the wall. so i went with Tibau finishing the fight
Thcoteo2011-03-30 21:18:18 +0000 #6
Jones- r2 TKO

Faber- R1 Sub

Cro Cop- dec

Marquardt R2 TKO

Miller- Dec

Barboza-R1 TKO

Cane- R2 TKO

Pyle- R2 sub

Tibau- Dec

Benavidez- r1 sub

Koch- dec

Rough UFC to start predicting tons of even fights.



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