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UFC 130 Prediction Contest

JKhrome12011-06-12 00:24:09 +0000 #1
The UFC Prediction Contest for UFC 130

The History of The MMA Boards Past Prediction Contest Winner's

Past Winners And How Many Times They've Won:


UFC 72: Kerrdogg


UFC 74: Tobes

UFC 75: Crow Time (1st)

UFC 76: taa23 (1st)

UFC 77: HISTORY (1st)

UFC 78: HISTORY (2nd)

UFC 79: Crow Time (2nd)


UFC 81: brunow

UFC 82: JimDaeWong (1st)

UFC 83: steve (1st)

UFC 84: Wurms (1st)

UFC 86: steve (2nd)

Affliction Banned: HISTORY (3rd)

UFC 87: arm85z

UFC 88: JimDaeWong (2nd) and Wurms (2nd) (co winners/tie)

UFC 89: beaux (1st)

UFC 90: jbleedin

UFC 91: beaux (2nd)

UFC 92: Wurms (3rd)


Affliction Day Of Reckoning: RLS 4511 (1st)

UFC 94: Wurms (4th)

UFC 95: RJ316 (1st)

UFC 96: Wurms (5th)

UFC 97: Chopely

UFC 98: RLS 4511 (2nd)

UFC 99: deltauno

UFC 100: HISTORY (4th)

UFC 101: Dacow

UFC 102: Tha Prodigy (1st)

UFC 103: beaux (3rd)

UFC 104: wandy 1

UFC 105: MKZ

UFC 106: asugar (1st)

UFC 107: Tha Prodigy (2nd)

UFC 108: cody 1475

UFC 109: Tw0mey

UFC 110: beaux (4th)

UFC 111: MFSQPFAN (4th)

UFC 112: Ramsay (1st)

UFC 113: beaux (5th)

UFC 114: RJ316 (2nd)

UFC 115: Wurms (6th)

UFC 116: Ramsay (2nd)

UFC 117: Strick90

UFC 118: beaux (6th)

UFC 119: asugar (2nd)

UFC 120: Ramsay (3rd)

UFC 121: asugar (3rd)

UFC 122: Wurms (7th)

UFC 123: Wurms (8th)

UFC 124: klop325

UFC 125: RJ316 (3rd)

UFC 126: Taa23 (2nd)

UFC 127: Ramsay (4th)

UFC 128: JAX

UFC 129: Ramsay (5th)

Alright here is how it works:

4 points to pick the winner.

3 points to pick the round (and winner)

3 points to pick the style (and winner)

Maximum 10 points per fight.

Rounds: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 (5 for championship 3 for normal)

Style: KO (votes as TKO and KO count as the same)- SUB - Decision (split and unanimous count as the same)

Submissions for each fight must be in this format:


When: April 30, 2011 at 6 P.M. Pacific On PPV, Prelims At 5 P.M. Pacific On SpikeTV (North America)

Where: Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Main Event Bouts:

Quinton Rampage Jackson (Record: 31-8-0) Vs Matt Hamill (Record: 10-2-0)

Frank Mir (Record: 14-5-0) Vs Roy Nelson (Record: 15-5-0)

Stefan Struve (Record: 21-4-0) Vs Travis Browne (Record: 10-0-1)

Thiago Alves (Record: 18-7-0) Vs Rick Story (Record: 12-3-0)

Brian Stann (Record: 10-3-0) Vs Jorge Santiago (Record: 23-8-0)

Preliminary SpikeTV Bouts:

Miguel Torres (Record: 39-3-0) Vs Demetrious Johnson (Record: 9-1-0)

Kendall Grove (Record: 12-8-0-1) Vs Tim Boetsch (Record: 12-4-0)

Preliminary Facebook Bouts:

Gleison Tibau (Record: 22-7-0) Vs Rafaello Oliveira (Record: 14-3-0)

Michael McDonald (Record: 12-1-0) Vs Chris Cariaso (Record: 11-2-0)

Renan Barao (Record: 25-1-0-1) Vs Cole Escovedo (Record: 17-6-0)

JKhrome12011-06-12 00:39:28 +0000 #2
Rampage Jackson by 1st Rd TKO/KO

Frank Mir by DEC

Stefan Struve by 2nd RD SUB

Thiago Alves by 1st RD TKO/KO

Jorge Santiago by 3rd RD SUB (i would like to see Stann win this fight though)

Miguel Torres by DEC

Kendall Grove 2nd RD SUB

Gleison Tibau by 1st RD TKO/KO

Michael McDonald by 3rd RD TKO/KO

Renan Barao 3rd RD SUB
tw0mey2011-06-12 00:34:45 +0000 #3
Rampage R2 TKO

Mir Dec

Struve R1 Sub

Alves R2 TKO

Stann Dec

Torres Dec

Boetsch R1 TKO

Tibau Dec

McDonald Dec

Barao Dec
JKhrome12011-06-12 01:24:24 +0000 #4
Crow_Time2011-06-12 00:55:32 +0000 #5
Rampage 1rd KO


Alves UD

Stann 2rd TKO

Struve 2rd Submission

Torres UD

Boetsch UD

Tibau UD

McDonald 2rd TKO

Barao 1rd Submission
JAX2011-06-12 01:54:09 +0000 #6
Rampage 2nd tko

Murr UD

Story UD

Browne 1st tko

Stann 1st tko

Torres UD

boetsch tko 2

Tibau UD

Mcdonald UD

Barao sub 2



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