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Spike TV or elsewhere?

Afterglow2011-06-13 20:25:22 +0000 #1

As TV Deal Winds Down, UFC Will Choose Between Spike or New Home

Wednesday night marked the season finale of the UFC's major programming vehicle, The Ultimate Fighter. It also marked the unofficial beginning of a countdown to the zero hour when the promotion will be faced with a major decision about the fate of its key show. Its current deal with longtime home Spike expires at the end of 2011, following the 14th season of TUF.

According to most observers within the industry, selling the television rights package is the single most important priority for the UFC, and as of now, it remains open for negotiation, a showpiece with bidders circling but no deal yet reached.

While the UFC and Spike remain the main players and talks between the two remain ongoing, the two sides aren't the only ones involved. In a drama that has played out over recent months and is expected to drag on into the near future in executive boardrooms, other suitors will continue to try to convince the UFC to abandon its longtime home.

Chief among the possible new landing spots is Versus, which is soon to be re-branded as "NBC Sports Channel," or some similar variation, and with which the UFC already has a solid relationship. In 2007, UFC parent company Zuffa struck a deal to broadcast its WEC brand on Versus, and in Dec. 2009, the two sides increased their investment in each other, with Versus beginning to air UFC events as well. The UFC's current deal with Versus allows them to broadcast four live events in 2011.

While TV ratings on Spike have generally been higher than those on Versus, it's not so simple as ratings or money, according to those in the know. The UFC is also hopeful of a partner that will allow them to leverage other assets past the airtime of an event. That would seem to favor Comcast, which can boast the assets of NBC at its disposal, including the possibility of multiple cable channels, morning shows and late-night programming.


"Yeah, absolutely, our preference is to stay with them," UFC president Dana White said in a recent exclusive interview with MMA Fighting. "Obviously we've been with them forever. We have a great relationship. There's a little comfort being there."


One source said it is likely we will know the answer to TUF's 2012 home before TUF 14 starts broadcasting in September. That leaves just about three months in which to strike a deal.

"We're talking to everybody, and when I say we're talking to everybody, we're talking to everybody," White said. "That's what you do when your deal is up. With Spike, it's normal s---. What's going on right now is normal. There is nothing abnormal about what's going on."

You can read the rest at the site since i'm not gonna take a big thing and just copy and paste it here from an MMA site.

tw0mey2011-06-13 20:38:51 +0000 #2
Why not pussy
Afterglow2011-06-13 21:00:10 +0000 #3
Cause it's a link the a site where someone else wrote that.

And since it's long and an MMA related thing, i'm not gonna copy and paste all of it.
HISTORY2011-06-13 21:35:57 +0000 #4
I hope they get a better network or home.

I had to strike a new deal with my cable provider and that resulted in me giving SpikeTV the boot. I have to watch the fight nights or finales at a friends house now, if I want to. Which will happen most of the time.



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