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Renzo Says Royce Blew It - Video MFSQPSFAN2010-05-14 09:23
Good watch. cliff notes - says royce blew it against Hughes/ soft training camp, says e
Bader .vs. Thiago Silva UFC 116? HISTORY2010-05-14 14:13
Source: I just went to Wikipe
Dana White addresses gambling debt mmalice2010-05-14 08:18
Video Interview with Dana White UFC 112
You never know, this could happen ToeZup2010-05-14 06:58
I thought this was a great pic so I had to share. What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you th
Vince McMahon trying to ban UFC ToeZup2010-05-14 07:18
It looks like Vince is trying to get the UFC banned in Europe. Here is the story. http://www.c
Dana Trumps Obama GST2010-05-14 09:42
Quote: Dana White has been nominated to be included in Time Magazine's Most Inf
UFC 112: Invincible-4/10/10 HISTORY2010-05-14 08:39 When: April 10, 2010 at 12 P.M. and 10 A.M. Pacific On PPV, 7
UFC 111 Prediction Contest Crow_Time2010-05-14 08:07
The UFC Prediction Contest for UFC 111 The History of The MMA Boards Past Prediction Contest Wi
thoughts on ufc 112 countdown... MMAlaskan2010-05-14 09:48
1. Silva's dad looks like what Anderson Silva would look like if someone left him out in the desert
UFC 112 Preview garyleeman2010-05-14 08:11
Here it is: This guy has successfully
The UFC 112 Prediction Contest JKhrome12010-05-14 07:17
The UFC Prediction Contest for UFC 111 The History of The MMA Boards Past Prediction Contest Wi
UFC Undisputed 2010 gameplay Crow_Time2010-05-14 06:28
Looks fucking sweet.
Really Anderson Silva jimbob32292010-05-14 06:24
Did anybody find that fight to be one of the biggest disgraces to MMA ever? He completely showed dis
UFC 112 *Spoilers* Afterglow2010-05-14 12:28
... Gonna go ahead and put this here. The Gunderson, Paul Taylor fight is off because
Ken Shamrock Owned By UFC HISTORY2010-05-14 13:44
Quote: Earlier in the year, Shamrock had unsuccessfully brought suit against Zu
Fucking ROFL Crow_Time2010-05-14 07:45
Sig/Av bets for 112 RJ3162010-05-14 07:50
Looks like Jk has Renzo and I have Hughes on a Avatar bet
Penn vs. Edgar fightmetric MMAlaskan2010-05-14 08:07 Strikes Landed: First round: Penn
God damnit BJ jimbob32292010-05-14 09:05
What the fuck? Really, what was that. That had to be one of the shittiest performances of any P4P fi
Replay of 112? Glenn P2010-05-14 11:09
Hello all, I would like to see 112...I want to see for myself the Edgar/Penn fight. I know
champs and top 10 contenders aj101012010-05-14 09:51
Who is in charge of the list of champions and top 10 contenders? It still says BJ has the title. I'd
Penn’s Boxing CoachReflects On Loss sandywh2010-05-14 07:45
Source: MMA Spot - B.J. Penn’s Boxing Coach Jason Parillo Reflects On UFC 112 Loss: http://www.mmas
Rogan Talks UFC 112 Experience MFSQPSFAN2010-05-14 05:58
He talks about UFC 112 and shit. the beginning is just them talking about how weird Abu Dhabi i
Fedor-Brock Lesnar UFC Super Fight JoePietaro2010-05-14 06:16
Joe Rogan was on the O&A Radio show this morning and this thing is really heating up. Recent develop
UFC Primetime W/Rampage and Rashad tw0mey2010-05-14 07:57
Quote: The grudge match we've all been waiting for is set to receive the UFC's
Silva .vs. Sonnen UFC 117 MFSQPSFAN2010-05-14 06:27
i guess White just announced Silva vs Sonnen. didn't give an event. http://www.bloodyelbow.
Silva Embarrasses Himself AND UFC Alex G2010-05-14 08:06
Lol. Nice, Silva. Quote: It’s nice to know that well-paid professional
UFC 115 Liddell vs Franklin Confirm tw0mey2010-05-14 05:47
Matt Hughes vs Sakuraba anyone? Crow_Time2010-05-14 05:36
Two aging Gracie killing legends in the UFC's first event in Japan sounds like a great Idea to me.
Who won BJ or Frankie? Crow_Time2010-05-14 06:35
Just to get a actual barometer on who people thought won the fight.
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