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The current average age of Chinese women's volleyball what is the ah?

michaelbes2010-01-20 22:01:54 +0000 #1

shpd7132010-01-20 22:09:36 +0000 #2
Olympic Games, the Chinese women's volleyball after the formation of an average age of only 22.5 years old,

attached to the relevant Chinese women's volleyball player list

main attack: Chu Jinling 6, Juan Li a, Wai-ki if 12 Zhao Yanni

Fu Gong : Nigel 2, Ma Yun-Man 5, Xu Yunli, Yin Meng, Luo Yu

2 pass: Wei Chiu-11, Shen Si

collusion of two mass: Wang Yi-mei 10, Zhang Lei, Zeng Chunlei

free man: Xian Zhang, Qian Wang 16

main attack:

Chu Jinling: Gender: Female Date of birth: 1984.07.29

Height: 190cm Weight: 72.5kg

Nationality: Chinese Birthplace: Liaoning

Location: main attack Spike Height: 3.10 meters

block Height: 3.02 meters Club: Liaoning Women's Volleyball

Club No.: 5 Team Number: 5 (6)

Juan: Gender: Female Date of birth: 1982.5.15

Constellation: Aries Height: 1.87 m Weight: 82 Kg

Birthplace: Tianjin Club: Tianjin Women's Volleyball

Location: main attack ground number: 11 (1)

Spike Height: 3.16 meters block height: 3.10 meters

benefits if Qi: Location : main attack Date of Birth: March 4, 1991

Place of birth: Dalian, Liaoning Birthplace: Liaoning Dalian

Height: 192cm Weight: 72kg

Spike Height: 315cm block height: 310cm

clubs: Jiangsu East China Colored Women's Volleyball

Zhao Yanni: Height: 187cm Weight: 75kg

Role: main attack Jersey: 14

Spike Height: 3.15 meters block height: 3.05 meters

Fu Gong:

Nigel: Gender: Female Date of birth: 1987.02.23

Height: 1.93 meters Weight: 68 kg

Birthplace: Beijing nickname: Rabbit

Role: Fu Gong team effectiveness: Country

Spike height: 3 m 22 block height: 3 m 10

Team Number: 10 (2)

Ma Yun-wen: Birthplace: Shanghai Birthday: October 19, 1986

Height: 1.89 meters Weight: 69 kg

Spike height : 3 m 08 block height: 2 m 85

Xu Yunli: Date of birth: 1987.8.2

Height: 1.96 meters Weight: 75 kg

Birthplace: Fujian

Spike Height: 3.20 meters block height: 3.06 m

Yin Meng: Birth Date: October 11, 1985 Birthplace: Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang Shiqiao Eastern

Height: 190 Weight: 73KG

Spike Height: 319 block height: 310

Luo Yu : Date of Birth: February 1988 Birthplace: Zhejiang

Height: 189 cm Weight: 64 kg

2 mass:

Wei Chiu: Birthday: September 26, 1988

Height: 1.83 meters Weight: 72 kg

Mogao Height: 3.09 meters Club: Tianjin Women's Volleyball

calm thinking: Role: two pass

Height: 1.86 meters Weight: 72 Kg

block height: 305 Spike Height: 310

Date of birth: 1989.0503 Club: 81 Number: 2


Wang Yi-mei: Date of birth: 1988.01.11

Height: 190cm Weight: 80kg

Birthplace: Liaoning, China Location: collusion

dunk Height: 3.15 meters block height: 3.02 meters

Clubs: Liaoning Women's Volleyball Team Number: 1 (10)

Zeng Chunlei: Location: collusion of two came as date of birth: November 3, 1989

Height: 186CM Weight: 68KG

Spike Height: 307 block height: 296

Clubs: Beijing Yanjing Beer Women's Volleyball

Club Number: 9

Lei: Date of Birth :1985-01-11

Height: 181 Weight : 71

Spike Height: 316 block height: 308

Clubs: Shanghai Women's Volleyball Number: 2

free people:

Xian Zhang: Birthday: 1985.3.16

Height: 1.67 meters Weight: 57 kg

Birthplace: Yunnan Role: free man

Qian Wang:

Height: 173CM Weight: 65KG

Location: the effectiveness of the team free man: Tianjin Bridgestone

Spike Height: 3.05 block height: 2.95

birth date :1988-10-23 Birthday: 1989.3.14



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