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Previously been selected for various national women's volleyball Yunying information on the

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Name: Zhu Yunying

Gender: Female

Birth City: Shanghai

Date of Birth: January 15, 1978

Height : 1.75 m

Weight: 64 kg

Spike Height: 2.98 meters

block height: 2.88 meters

Role: two mass

field number: 12

Zhu Yunying 7-year-old started training in the sports school basketball, entered the Shanghai youth women's volleyball team, in early 1994 into the Shanghai women's volleyball team, only two months became the national women's volleyball team, the famous setter, has received the "Best Setter", "the most valuable player," a medal sport and other honorary titles. But it is no doubt frustrated at the Olympics, and its participation in two Olympic Games, but none is absolutely the main player in 1996 due to too inexperienced to the bench in 2000, and because make way for newcomers to fade away, this is Zhu Yun-ying Hui The do not regret. 2002, 24-year-old Zhu Yun-Ying retired, retired Zhu Yun-ying to the Faculty of Law, Fudan University, study, and now she is too much of the media yuan, director of sports affairs.



Asian Women's Volleyball Championship in 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, held in the 26th runner-up

1996 Olympic Champions Challenge semi-finals

in 1998, held in Bangkok, Thailand 13th Asian Games volleyball competition

Women's Volleyball Championship was in 1998 in Yunnan at the World Grand Prix women's volleyball final was the third

1998 Swiss International Women's Volleyball Classic title

in 1999 in Yunnan at the World Grand Prix women's volleyball final was the third

1999 Swiss International Women's Volleyball Classic runner-up

in 1999 FIVB World Grand Prix Runner-up

1999 Hong Kong Asian Women's Volleyball Championship

2000 Swiss International Women's Volleyball Classic champion personal honor for the Sydney Olympic Games

4 by China since 1996 Best Setter Women's Volleyball League title, becoming women's volleyball team in a season for a person to get the best of the first two people and was the State Sports Commission to grant a medal sport in 1998

Zhongguopaixie were established in 97/98 years National Women's Volleyball League "Best 2 Biography" and the League "Most Valuable Player" title

in 1999 was 99, established by the Zhongguopaixie the National Women's Volleyball League season, the "best two pass"

1999 The Asian Women's Volleyball Championships, was named Asia's "Best 2 Biography"

in 2000 with the national women's volleyball league was the "best two pass"



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