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Why is Lang Ping's nickname is "Iron Hammer"?

United Kingdom2010-01-22 21:01:54 +0000 #1

chenyzh99882010-01-22 21:11:39 +0000 #2
Why is Lang Ping's nickname is "Iron Hammer"?

Lang Ping is the eighties of the world women's volleyball circles "Three Zhugong Shou", one of her physique is good, bouncing strong, Mogao up to 3.17 meters, fast-break changing, online technical highlights to Four-bit high point of storm-known is the team's central figure. The "iron hammer," said.
Xie Yaohuan2010-01-22 21:42:12 +0000 #3
Lang Ping is a famous Chinese female volleyball players and coaches, nicknames: iron hammer.

Has helped Chinese women's volleyball player to achieve five consecutive well-known Lang Ping, recently guest Phoenix, "Date with Lu Yu" program, for players age the year I had memories of some things. In this interview, she also experienced their own feelings were reviewed and explained his "Iron Hammer" the origin of the nickname.

In the interview, Phoenix TV show host Chen Lu Yu asked: "play when Lang Ping's nickname is an iron hammer, but I noticed her hand is not large, it is hard to put her hand and steel strong Such words together. in particular, Lang Ping's little finger, because the deformation of the injured have been. "

Lang Ping said, and sometimes I have a friend who said to see you this iron hammer hand. Also iron hammer, I said I had a hammer it is paper. Lang Ping also explained that in hand, and her nickname is the Song Shixiong first called out. Lang Ping, "dissatisfaction" that: "I said you did not consult with me, so just give me a name, I said that after the object can not be found, the iron hammer who dares to find you, man killed in domestic violence. "



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