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Please give what the volleyball foul

Sichuan Tea2010-03-11 23:10:57 +0000 #1
foul just need to list the name, please list them all, do not Xiang Jie.

Such as: a catenary \

2 Combo \

and so on. Thank you!
a Children2010-03-11 23:22:33 +0000 #2
1. ball foul ball foul for the following conditions

(1) serve the order of the error.

(2) The players in the batting tee shot at or take-off, the riding and field area (including the end line), or the ground outside the service area.

(3) members serving in the first referee does not get the ball inside the whistle out of 8s.

(4) not toss the ball or player to make it clear who evacuated on the volley.

(5) hands-handed batter or throw the ball to launch.

(6) to prepare the ball toss ball, but did not hit the ball.

2. Fouls after the ball hit the ball

the following circumstances after the foul ball for the tee:

(1) the team made the ball hit the net a member or did not pass the vertical plane.

(2) the ball touches the net after falling into the opponent's court outside the region, foul ball.

(3) serve the ball over cover for the individual or collective (in the serve, a player or two more players-intensive stations or arm swing jump, moving block the return of serve players, and sent out of the ball flying over from his or their Guo, constitutes a cover for individual or collective ball foul).

3. For a foul ball referee method

(1) serve a foul by the first referee to judge, after a foul ball hit by the first referee and the linesman judged.

(2) If a foul ball position error simultaneously with the other party shall be sentenced to position error in the post, after hitting a foul ball, such as position error simultaneously with the other should be sentenced to position error in the former.

(3) The following conditions, the first referee whistle should be re-serve:

① first referee did not whistle, tee ball team has been sent.

② special circumstances (such as athletes, were injured, the ball rolled into the venue, etc.).

③ second referee referees whistle allowed to serve in the first after the whistle again interrupted play to allow a team to suspend or substitutions of the request, the first referee suspended the game does not allow the request.

(4) The first referee to be ball players get the ball into the tee and ready to serve receive side had got a good location, you can whistle. After the whistle, the first number of the referee Mo 8 s.

(5) The members of the same ground ball back the other two players in this side location of error-free relationship.

1. One of the following circumstances, namely, rotation error fouls

(1) failure to record the registration form serve to serve the order.

(2), made after the team wins a ball, but for from other players to continue to serve.

2. For rotary the wrong way

referee (1) of the race mainly by record keepers found the foul, record keepers should be given the ball after the whistle and report on the referee suspended play.

(2) rotation error foul whistle from the first referee ruled that the result is loss of a ball, while the other scores, and for the opponent serves.

(3) to enable the team to return to the correct position.

(4) The recorder can determine if the process in the wrong score, then the abolition of the team in the false hair of points, while the other scores in force; record keepers if they can not determine the course of the proceeds in the wrong score, then lost a ball fine Zhizuo .

(5) If a Board concluded, or an end, athletes have been exchanged for the field or exit, then the scores, Bureau of the number of results of the competition were declared valid.

1. One of the following conditions for the location of the error foul

(1) tee ball players, the field team did not totally on other areas of the field.

(2) failure to rule, "the front of each team have at least a part of one foot over the back with the team's feet out from the center line closer." Rules provide that on the 4th place with 5-bit, 3 bit with the 6-bit, 2-bit, 1-bit comparison with the location of the error foul.

(3) failure to rule "Every one on the left (right) took at least a foot part of the team than with the middle row of feet away from the left (right) edges closer. Rule on the 3rd place with 4-bit, 3 sign bit with the 2-bit; 6-bit with the 5-bit, 6-bit, 1-bit comparison with the location of the error fouls.

2. on the location of the error referee foul means

(a) The first referee watch tee party whether the position error foul, the second referee whether a party watching the return of serve position error fouls.

(2) took place, according to its feet touch the ground to determine the site.

(3) The position error caused by a foul is an instant hit. do not exist in position error after hitting a foul ball, the player can be anywhere in the field area and barrier-free zones freely.

(4) The location of the error approach to foul the same with the rotation error.

1. batter

the body any part of the foul ball may be, but one team (except for block member) Continuous batting two or more successive touching different parts of his body (the first shot, with the exception of an action shot), that is, batter foul.

for the first time shot, the team members in the same swing, allowing the ball straight hit different parts of the body. For batter fouls the referee method:

(1) The batter fouls by the first referee is responsible for judging.

( 2) The second referee can use gestures to the first referee that the batter fouls the referee turning its back first, but not insist.

(3) The first shot, whether it is get started, or other body parts touch pass the ball, as long as an action, there was no batter fouls.

(4) The first referee should observe to determine second and third shots of the batter fouls.

2. ball foul

no part of the body can ball, but the ball must be shot in a not catch or throw, or shall be a foul ball. For a foul ball referee method:

(1) ball foul penalty by the first referee and other officials are shall not be judged on the ball foul or to produce gestures.

(2) to determine the ball is based primarily on whether the ball stuck in the body. a legitimate shot is a single shot rebound action, while the ball is a foul before the ball stagnation (catch or throw), and then hit the ball out.

(3) The first referee should be based on the nature and objects of different games to determine the ball's judgments master to determine "scale." achieve a two-line consistency.

(4) The first referee must be clear that the provision aimed at encouraging the development of defense. Therefore, for the first time players hit the ball or at risk to save the ball, the judge should be relaxed, to give encouragement.

3. four foul shots with foul ball while batting and referees methods:

(1) shot up to each team three times (except block) the ball from the ball over the net area online side hit back from the other side, more than a set amount of shots and sentenced to four foul shots. first referee for foul penalty on the stroke of four, the second referee can show gestures.

(2) members in the venue or any other objects within the use of peer support for stroke, that is, with ball foul. The first referee to conduct through the use of foul penalty stroke. athletes to go off-site, such as if the baffle, the hitting the stands, this behavior is permitted under the rules, should be encouraged.

(3) while batting

① with the team of two or more players touch the ball at the same time, was counted as two or more shots (except block).

② online at the same time, after hitting the ball falling into the pit and continue to play, one could have been hitting the ball three times.

③ online at the same time, after hitting the ball off into a zone, then the sub-B ball out of bounds.

④ At the same time the ball touch sign post and sentenced for both sides out of bounds, re - serve.

⑤ online at the same time hitting a foul ball caused by sub-contractors for both foul and re-serve.

first referee for penalty shots at the same time on the Internet.

aggressive batting is defined in the serving, blocking, all of the the other side are the direct hit offensive shots. offensive fouls include hitting a foul ball over the net, hit a foul offensive players back, hit a foul ball.

1. a foul ball over the net and the referee method

field region of space in each other's ball, that is, a foul ball over the net. For referees foul ball over the net method:

(1) a foul ball over the net for a fine by the first referee.

(2) The first referee vertical members to take this network to determine whether the ball over the net points.

(3) The members of the batting point should be to determine whether the ball over the net basis, the location of the ball only as a secondary condition to judge.

( 4) over net refer not only to smash moves, but also refers to all direct shots to each other's technical movements. such as the transmission of the two secondary lob over the net, reaching over the net swing, and so on, are considered a foul ball over the net .

2. back players hit the ball foul and the referee offensive way

back members of the former for the field to complete offensive shot (or the ball touch the other players hand is considered to block the completion of offensive shots), and shots the ball as a whole is higher than the ball along the line, that is, hitting a foul offensive players back. right back player offensive foul ball referee method:

(1) The first referee, the second referee may be right after the ranked team offensive foul ball whistle penalties.

(2) judges should pay attention to the three conditions to judge the foul, and only three conditions exist, will constitute a foul ball back an offensive player. three conditions are: before the field area, this time pay attention to whether the back foot take-off members of an offensive line or in the offensive before; complete offensive hit, such as the ball touch the hand that is considered complete block offensive shot; the ball as a whole is higher than the net.

(3) The first judges in determining when to lower the center of gravity, to determine the ball's total is higher than the ball along the line.

(4) back in the front of the two players pass, lob the ball foul as long as the available three conditions, are considered offensive foul shots.

3. hit a foul ball and the referee method

in the former field area to the other's serve in the ball as a whole is higher than the ball along the line to complete the offensive foul ball shall be hit off the tee . For a foul ball hit the referee method:

(1) The first referee for a foul ball on the penalty shot.

(2) The first ball hit the referee to observe whether the conduct in the former field area, the ball's total is higher than the ball network, such as the ball hit a foul ball action is, in the case a foul ball blocking action was stopped.

1. over the net blocking fouls and referee methods

in each other's offensive shot before or batting the same time, in the other field region of space block ball, that is, over the net blocking foul. right over the net block foul of referee methods:

(1) over the net blocking foul penalty by the first referee.

(2) The first referee should pay attention to the first touch judge is blocking attacking and hitting the ball first touched the ball, or hit the ball at the same time.

(3) in each other's first, the second shot, the ball flying to the direction of net and without any athletes ready to hit the ball, blocking player can have an Net block.

(4) can not be parallel to the net the ball over the net blocking, except after the third shot.

2. back players blocking fouls and referee methods

back on completion of the block or participated in a complete block of the collective , that is, back players blocking foul. right back player fouls referees block method:

(1) The first referee, the second referee can whistle for the foul penalty.

(2) judges should pay attention to post - row of the members of block foul three conditions: in the vicinity of the net, hands above the net, touches the ball or take part in the completion of a collective block. three conditions are available to constitute the back of players blocking foul.

3. stopped and a foul ball Referee stopped the other way a foul ball off the tee shall be stopped. To intercept a foul ball referee method:

(1) stopped by the first referee for a foul ball penalty.

(2) The first judges to determine when to lower the center of gravity to determine the manpower block is higher than the net.

from crossing into each other under the net space and impede each other's games, compared to offline through fouls. members of a (2) feet or one (two) hands completely over the center line touching each other's field area , was over the center line foul. right across under the net, over the center line foul referee method:

1. The first whistle the referee can be fined.

2. The foul is the second referee the main terms of reference.

3. to determine whether observed when crossing the foul impede each other's games, such as, without prejudice to and not a foul.

4. In the other game does not affect the case, players can enter the other side through the barrier-free zone.

5. referee To see the entire soles of the feet or the palm of your hand all over the center line and hit each other's whistle for the field before being fined.

6. players except the hands and feet outside the rest of the body are not allowed to touch each other's field area, otherwise, shall be over the center line foul.

7. judge players of both sides, buckle, intercept, we should note that the net movement, the second referee to complete the team hit the ball, the line of sight should be a little to stay in the line.

Catenary Touch sign post is not a foul , but the players trying to hit the ball or affect the game or the touch of the OCS is counting foul pole sign.

crew hit the ball can be hit after the net post, the whole network other than the net a long rope or any other object, but not affect the game. For OCS fouls and referee methods:

1. The first referee can whistle for the foul penalty.

2. Catenary foul is the second referee the main terms of reference.

3. pay attention to observe whether the attempt to blow the ball, all trying to hit the ball and the ball moves under the cover of the OCS Jie Wei fouls.

4. passive contact network (such as balls and nets caused by members of OCS) should not be considered a foul.

5. player touched 9.50 m longer than the whole network to any object, shall not affect the game.

6. The first referee should focus on one side and on-line observation of spike along the catenary foul; second referee should focus on the observation of block foul side of the catenary . The second referee's attention the completion of the team members hit the ball moves, it should be a brief stop near the net, not too fast with the ball.

1. the ball touches the ground game field area, including boundaries for the fair ball.

2. The following the situation for the foul ball:

(1) part of the ball touch the ground completely outside the boundaries.

(2) The ball hit the sign posts net rope, net post, off objects, ceilings or non-race members.

( 3) when serving the ball over the net as a whole or in part, from outside the region over the net.

(4), after hitting the ball over the net as a whole or in part, from outside the region to enter each other's sites. After hitting the ball in whole or in Some from outside the region over the net into the other barrier-free zones, team members can be from the same side of the ball over the net area of non-blow back, the other team members shall not impede the batting, batting team not allowed to enter each other's sites.
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i dont get ittttt
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