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With the culture of volleyball

jane2010-01-17 07:01:54 +0000 #1
volleyball culture in what?
Today coincidence2010-01-17 07:11:07 +0000 #2
as a cultural phenomenon, volleyball, volleyball from the analysis of connotation of culture, discusses the cultural identity volleyball: Inheritance, clear of the times and a strong national identity, combined with modern characteristics, culture, describes the social value of volleyball: volleyball match against every other network's richest intensity of the most direct way to express the human nature of power; location of the rotation of games ways to meet people's equal opportunities and fair competition and the pursuit of their intense training the competition must have the basic qualities; highlight indulgent, for others the free development of personality provided the opportunity.

Cultural connotation of what is - Volleyball basic information and history

from the United States. The 18th Olympic Games in 1964 are classified as sport.

Men and women in the sub-Volleyball and Beach Volleyball 2.

Volleyball originated in 1895 by the United States, Massachusetts, Holyoke City YMCA Director Morgan (wGMorgan) created by the indoor game. 1896, Morgan has developed the world's first volleyball competition rules, the same year was held at Springfield College the world's first volleyball match. Initially the game is to hang a basketball net, two separated Web-lap, with basketball as the ball gall, called the Internet to play go, as not to fall. Springfield City School Tehaersi Dr. Dai will be named volleyball, meaning "air fly balls."

Volleyball introduced around 1900, Canada passed in 1905, Cuba, Brazil and other American States. 1914

1918 during World War I, worked in France, Italy, the Soviet Union, Poland and other countries to carry out a wide range. 1912, stipulates that both sides play the athletes must rotate positions. 1917 requires each Council for 15 minutes. In 1918, provides for each team playing 6 players. 1922 stipulated that each side must get the ball in less than three times over the net. First held in 1949 World Men's Volleyball Championships, held in 1952 World Women's Volleyball Championship.

Volleyball has just celebrated its centenary, the campaign has also started a new leap forward. 4 years ago, there have been indications that the traditional beach volleyball, indoor volleyball are beginning to have snatched a roll of the trend, while four years later, in order to enhance the attractiveness of their own, indoor volleyball has also begun to make a number of rules on the improvements. One of the most crucial is the introduction of a "free man" rule.

Beach Volleyball:

originated in the United States. The 20th century, 40 years, northern Gulf of California lifeguards put up two wooden blocks on the beach, pull a rope playing volleyball. After the introduction of Brazil, Italy, Australia, Mexico, France and other countries, 70 years in Japan and other Asian countries increasingly wide range of conduct. In 1976, the United States in California, held its first official race帕里塞德斯beach. In 1979 there professional beach volleyball. 1987 Beach Volleyball National Vocational Association. In the same year held in Brazil in the first World Beach Volleyball Championship. 1996 is listed as an Olympic sport.

2004 the provisions of the 28th Athens Olympic Games men's and women of all 24 teams participate in the competition, each team of two players. Each association of a maximum of two teams (men's and women each 1 teams).

Beach volleyball competition will be held at the Olympic volleyball center, competitions from August 14 -25 held.

---------- Volleyball, volleyball, culture,

have a recreational volleyball strong, ground equipment, simple, easy to grasp rules of the game, vary in amount of exercise is suitable for different ages, different gender , different physiques and different training levels of people's characteristics, while there are techniques which are strongly against the fierce attack and defense technology, the dual nature of the collective characteristics of tight. volleyball players from both teams separated by the net on the golf course Competition group events. It can play a variety of ways to adapt to the needs of a variety of different types of competitions, so as to continuously carry out the extensive promotion of the sport. The purpose of competition is that all teams follow the rules, hit the ball over the net to make it down on the other side of the grounds, and also to prevent the ball on the floor in their own venues. Each team has three chances to get the ball back to the other side of the field area (except for block ball). Organized by the ball started to serve the players hit the ball fly from the Internet to the other side of the field area, the two sides from hitting until the ball hit the ground, out of bounds or a team can not legally get the ball back to the other side until the market area. Volleyball match, the team to win a ball were given a points (each scoring system), when sending and receiving team wins a ball, the team received a points and obtain the right to serve the right of volleyball in the minds of the Chinese people have a special status, in particular, women's volleyball team five consecutive years, I do not know how many people make it difficult to forget, I do not know how many people so proud to be proud of. Not only the Chinese people to understand the block and back flying, I've met Yuan Weimin, Lang Ping, Hyman and Louis, even more so noble and simple, "women's volleyball spirit" of stirring an entire generation, until now, or has so many people to this end relish, "women's volleyball team spirit" reflected in the hard-working, not afraid of hard work have been encouraged by the spirit of struggle that we have. So why volleyball is so popular in China, then? Forward to setting out from the characteristics of volleyball, and volleyball culture to talk about.

Volleyball is characterized by the requirement players a variety of changes on the ground with a fine feeling ability, such as the completion of a number of athletes in the field of complex movement, action should be very accurate, which to a large extent depend on human motion analysis device for accurate analysis of the muscle sense can. And volleyball for the physical and mental health also has a close relationship:

1, improved health, physical fitness.

Volleyball co-exist with the characteristics of sports and entertainment, in view of the characteristics of volleyball, in order to properly control the little volleyball, not only need a certain technology, but also a sensitive vigorous action.

2, cultivate and exercise good psychological quality

3 and train hard-working, helpful, excellent quality of hard work
Polow2010-10-18 23:45:43 +0000 #3
Hi . :)
Polow2010-10-18 23:46:14 +0000 #4
So guys. Do you like... stuff?
Polow2010-10-18 23:47:16 +0000 #5
Just wondering. What's volleyball? Is it like... cricket or something ?
Afrikka2010-10-18 23:48:17 +0000 #6
yeah it's something like cricket, but you use your hands instead of a bat and there's a net like in badminton and you just hit it back and forward
i <3 Justin Bieber2010-10-18 23:48:49 +0000 #7
no it's like soccer
shane2010-10-18 23:50:20 +0000 #8
no it's like , its a bit like tennis
Gertrude2010-10-18 23:51:37 +0000 #9
don't you play Volleyball inside a swimming pool ?



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