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Where are the female riders in Vancouver?

Dina2011-04-01 02:36:08 +0000 #1
I am taking my class 6 license around April 20th and planing on buying a R6 or a Gixxer 600. Now I am wondering where are the female riders in Vancouver?

Who wants to go for a ride or has some advice where to buy a nice women leather 2 piece? I checked most bike shops for leather suits and couldn't find anything...everywhere they are able to order stuff for you, but if it doesn't fit you can't return it. Any advise on this?

I am looking forward to meet some riding girls
jcgirl2011-04-01 02:45:51 +0000 #2
Hey, there a bunch of us around. Come out to one of posted rides and just introduce yourself. There are a couple different groups you can check out on Facebook

GirlClutch Canada

Swans Hot Chicks

FYI, GirlClutch Launch party is coming up soon in April! Cool prizes and lots of other chick riders.



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