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Lion agile, good boxing and wrestling, horse good leg, and the weight is more important than the lio Gallant magnificent2010-04-18 16:12
What good sports 2 2753496882010-04-11 00:10
I am a high school senior this year, sports health, culture, class better able to test about 420 poi
Shanghai Institute of Physical Education in the martial arts has martial arts training on the societ Learn Wu youth2010-04-08 06:10
Shanghai Sports Institute in the "Martial Arts Academy" has martial arts training on the society and
Girl practicing martial arts for more than you Summoner Soul Consciousness2010-04-04 21:10
is the kind of practicing qigong
Martial Arts on boxing Wu spout2010-04-02 01:11
boxing boxing boxing and Sanda What is the difference? In contrast, only boxing
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