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Interesting coincidence or is it…..

Yulaw2010-07-03 14:53:53 +0000 #1
I have no idea..but

I mentioned before that an old friend of mine from martial arts left martial arts years ago to pursue yoga. I knew, at that time she was training Iyengar. But I do not know what she trained after that, I just know she was out of the country a lot. I lost track of her but she apparently did become a teacher. I also mentioned in another post that she was, as far as I knew, now out of the country.

I received am e-mail from her and she will be back in the states sometime around August for a month or two. I told her I was thinking about going to a Yin Yoga school near my new house and she offered to teach me when she returns to the US free of charge. She does not teach Yin Yoga however she says she teachers Hatha.

I am going to take her up on this and if I am lucky my knee should be up to it by then.
lostontheway2010-07-03 15:05:12 +0000 #2
thats great.



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