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Yoga to relieve your stress and depression

JonathanBlue2010-07-03 16:03:17 +0000 #1
Yoga has the power to bring your body faculties together to fight diseases and stress. Yoga makes your body ready to respond and fight physical ailments.

Yoga pose

The best yoga pose that would relieve you of your stressful state is ‘Sasakasana’. ‘Sasakasana’ is a kind of yoga that would clearly make you stress free. Here is how you need to perform ‘Sasakasana’.

- Before you proceed to do Sasakasana, you need to learn ‘Vajrasana’. Now what is ‘Vajrasana’?

1. Fold both legs and place them under your hips. Make sure both your heels stick out, and your toes should touch your hips.

2. Remember thumbs of both your toes should touch each other. Keep your back, neck and your head straight.

3. Rest you hands on the knees in front.

- Now you should proceed to do ‘Sasakasana’. ‘Sasakasana’ is an extension of ‘Vajrasana’. Inhale while you lift your hands upwards.

- While you bend forward, release your breath and at the same you should stretch your hands forward, remember to keep your hands stretched on the ground.

- The forehead should also touch the ground. In fact the forehead should rest on the ground.

- You should keep yourself in this yoga pose for sometime, before you eventually come back to the original ‘Vajrasana’ yoga pose.

Marina_J2010-07-03 16:11:45 +0000 #2
Really Yoga is a wonderful exercise that gives all the energy you need and the workout without any side effects. It is also the best way to burn extra calories. I also use Yoga for morning workout. It helps for a better start of the day and to burn extra fat. It keeps me in shape and good health. On YA really you have shared the nice tips too. I like it!!
AbdhijaKimberly2010-07-03 16:15:35 +0000 #3
I have found that I no longer need anti-depressants (which I took for 6 years) after intensifying my yoga practice and meditating regularly. That is not to say that I never stuggle with depressed feelings, I probably always will, but I am able to cope better now.



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