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Walking,Asanas and pranayama

tatvamasi422010-07-04 15:35:08 +0000 #1
Please go through this carefully and request you to please advise me . I am walking for 3 1/2 km every day for the past 25 years.Since one year i have started doing Asanas and pranayama. before going to do , i have watched,listened and read about them and selected very carefully the following asanas which suit my health condition.i do asanas for 35 mts every day with pavan mukhtasan, single leg raising only in utthanapadasan, vakrasan, gomukhasan(vajrasana pose) and bhadrasana and with savasan before and after the asanas.Then i do abdominal, chest and upper clavicular breathing each 9 rounds. then i do Alternate nostril breathing and bhramari each 9 rounds.All pranayama exercises are without retention, as i have mild hypertension.

Now my question is whether these are sufficient or do you suggest more to do and if so which asansas doi hve to add.. I am 66 year old male and in prediabetic stage.31 years back i m told that i had ischemia of the heart.However i didnt have any problem so far with that.I shall be glad if i receive a reply particularly from InnerAthelete or pandhera in this regard or any other knowlegeable Yoga advisor.

InnerAthlete2010-07-04 15:39:25 +0000 #2
If you want feedback on this from me and you want that feedback to be something more than "that's nice" you would have to include more information.

What does walking have to do with your inquiry?

Are you asking a question about walking in conjunction with asana and pranayama?

You mention selecting certain poses for your health condition but I am unclear if that condition is hypertension and the ischemia of three decades ago or the pre-diabetic state you hint of.

What is your purpose?

Why are you doing savasana both before and after your asana practice?

Am I to understand that you are doing pranayama on your own, from a book, without the guidance of a teacher?

The larger issue here is that you've built something and now you're asking someone other than the builder to make it work better. I'd gladly assist where possible but you simply haven't given enough information for me to do so.
Pandara2010-07-04 16:15:38 +0000 #3
Namaste Sir,

I have to agree with IA, please give us more. For example, do you take medication for your mild hypertension and if so, is it under control? What was your last BP reading and when was this taken?

Then, I will be honest, I don't like to give advice on what asnasa, pranayama to follow etc where the student doesn't have access to a teacher, because I simply view it as dangerous and irresponsible. A man of your age and with the problems you have, should be with a teacher and should not attempt asanas and pranayama on a self-learning/teaching basis.



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