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Tureya Ashram in Kodaikanal

tomwarner2010-07-04 13:30:13 +0000 #1
check out this Ashram in Southern India when you get the chance. It is welcoming people from all over to world to study yoga without spending thousands of dollars like most of the other institutes.

Tureya Foundation:
Light_Of_Life2010-07-04 13:42:56 +0000 #2
Greetings! I noticed this post on yoga forum and wanted to elaborate more about the Tureya Foundation. Many of my friends have asked me where I have studied yoga in India as they want a point of reference before they travel to another country with different social standards and many different lifestyles. I thought that this question might also be circulating around a large community as well, since by nature we are mostly a rational and questioning society. There are a few details I thought I should fill in, as the Tureya website does not seem to clarify on a few aspects of the community which I think are vital to anyone who is interested in visiting, perhaps studying at their ashram in India.

First: My experience with Tureya. I found the Tureya community 6 years back through an Indian friend. The two of us had studied together in college, yet she was born and raised in Tamil Nadu, India while I grew up in the US. Her father was a devotee of the Swami Sivananda lineage of yoga and was advancing his practice under the guidance of Swami Tureyananda. During my third visit to India my friend Priya and her father took me to meet swamiji in Kodaikanal. At that time the ashram was only known by word of mouth, so to speak, and you were only allowed into the ashram if you were known to the disciples or swamiji. I lived at the ashram for two months studying Kriya Yoga and swamiji’s revelation of Tantra yoga, but during my stay I saw many people turned away from the ashram who were seeking a path other than that of the spiritual life. At the ashram there were students from many different countries, but all had the same goal to find self-realization. This I could always sense on a deeper level.

I think the Tureya foundation has only recently entered the online community. I have written one of my dearest friends at the ashram who told me that the disciples were asking swamiji to put up a website so more people had access to the teaching. I was surprised since the ashram is anything but commercial, but judging by the information I think the website is designed to continue the ashrams main goal which is to share the love and joy of spirituality. Still they are very selective of who can live and study at the ashram, and you are only welcome upon invitation. They are strictly against “drop-ins.”

Anyways I am really grateful for what the ashram has provided in my life, and thought this would be another opportunity to give back to the community by spreading the word and information regarding the ashram. I wanted to post so that others would be able to find the same peace that I have discovered. If you have any questions you may contact me at: but please do not use my email for exploitation of advertising. I am putting it up so people may contact me with any questions.
Sarah Hanson2010-07-04 13:49:55 +0000 #3

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful reference. I just finished a 3 month retreat there 2 months ago after traveling throughout India. I ended up starting my trip at the ashram and traveling to through the rest of India for another month, but had I the chance or choice to return to one place in India again I would definitely return to the ashram.

Aside from this, I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first trip to India, and I would definitely recommend the trip to others as well as it has greatly impacted my life.

Stay well and happy!
Priya Gopal2010-07-04 14:30:23 +0000 #4
Does anyone have additional details regarding their tantra yoga courses? I've been doing a lot of research about tantra yoga online and had some doubts about some of the practices I have been learning in Europe. I read one book by Swami Sivananda online that talked a lot about tantra yoga from a much different perspective than what I am accustom to, yet it seems to be on par with what I believe is "real" tantra.

I understand that tantra is deeply rooted in the Shivite tradition which originated in Southern India where the ashram is located. Do they still practice some of these traditions at the ashram?

Thanks for your help

Shivakumar2011-04-08 07:22:11 +0000 #5
I've done several courses with the Tureya Ashram including the Integral Yoga Therapy Course. I've continued to follow the ashram because their teachings are very good, some of the best in India, and they offer classes both in English and in Tamil which is very important for me. Swamiji is an enlightened being and very friendly and personal which is not like most swamis in India who are very hard to meet and sometimes not available at all. My favorite online place by the tureya ashram is their free classes at: . If I can help you i can be reached at




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