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Beginner Yoga Lesson Plan

shibbiness2010-07-04 12:16:33 +0000 #1

Im new here and i've just been reading around and I think this forum is pretty awesome so far.

I was jus wondering if you all would like to help me. In school, i am to teach 3 full 55 minute classes of Yoga, and i've never actually done it myself. Some members of my family have done it but they don't actually know a lot of the background or techniques.

I was wondering if you all can help me make a basic lesson plan for 3 classes. Generally in class we have a warmup in the beginnig, we teach skills, then we usually have a game at the end; mind you this is the routine for sports that we do, i dont know how it will work with Yoga.

The students will all be beginners, i dont think any of them have done yoga before.

Any help appreciated, thanks,

Techne2010-07-04 12:28:30 +0000 #2
Hi, there.

I notice you mention that you've never done yoga before. Why were you tasked with teaching something you don't know?

I think it'd be best -- if it must be yoga -- for you to get a DVD and play it instead of teaching. If it must be you teaching, don't call it yoga but do deliberate stretching after warming up with some isometrics. as a 'game' try this:

divide the class into two groups, and have them face eachother (pairing off.) have them reach their hands to eachother -- palm to palm or fist to fist -- and support each other as they step back just enough to depend on each other to remain standing. ask them to move their hands around (in circles or figure 8s or whatever) for a couple minutes, and then switch partners.

It's not yoga (its only barely Push Hands from tai chi), but it does create a sense of body and balance.

Afterward let them relax (reclining) completely -- perhaps with some very soft music -- and let them talk about how this was different from other fitness classes they've taken.

good luck!
Pandara2010-07-04 12:43:54 +0000 #3
Dear Shibbz,

I don't think anybody will give you a fully worked out class plan as you state in your mail that you actually have never done yoga before, to give you something like this will be irresponsible and dangerous. For you to teach others yoga will be irresponsible and dangerous as well. Please rather consider as Techne says, to play a DVD, I even recommend this with great hesitation.

Why on earth do you or are you expected to present something of which you have little knowledge? Is it your school, your teacher or the curriculum that demands this?



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