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OMingYogi2010-07-04 16:49:34 +0000 #1
I'm trying to figure out what it really takes to be a yoga instructor and whether or not it's worth my time to fully devote myself to various teacher trainings and (eventually) open a studio of my own. I found this forum and thought your responses would be helpful in my quest...

Because I'm young I feel like I have a lot of possibilities open to me right now and am very confused as to the vehicle I should choose to fulfill my Dharma. I would really appreciate any responses and advice people would like to put forth, but my main questions are:

What are your top 5 frustrations as a yoga instructor (what occasionally or frequently pisses you off about teaching yoga)?


What are your top 5 aspirations as a yoga instructor (if you could be more and reach more people, what would that look like)?

Any response would help me a lot in figuring out what it is I'm trying to accomplish with my practice.

Warmest Namasté,




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