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Malaysian Muslims banned from doing yoga ...

Fin2010-07-04 14:23:58 +0000 #1
Isn’t it sad that anyone could feel threaten by a practice which is clearly a gift from god…

See link below:
kcurran2010-07-04 14:38:35 +0000 #2
In slight defense of the Islamic leaders in Malaysia, I feel that whatever their reasons are, which I intellectually understand but cannot realize because I am not of that culture/ religion, are valid in those context and thus important. Just because I cannot understand something in the context of my own personal experience and culture does not necessarily mean that it is wrong from anothers' point of view.

From the point of view of a Muslim I can see how yoga, which is a deep spiritual practice, can be seen at threatening a religion which is supposed to encompass and satisfy all aspects of a person life. If Muslims are attending yoga, an easy conclusion would be that they are not receiving full and complete spiritual realization though Islam and thus a "threat".

If this were done in a western country it would be quite the outrage, but in an Islamic country it makes perfect sense.

My only goal of posting is to point out that it is impossible to understand/realize another culture unless you life there and are immersed into it. Even then you are only touching the surface of what it really means to be a "insert culture here".

I suppose that we can all be grateful that this new "fatwa", is not causing people to be shot/imprisoned for the practice of yoga and is only a suggestion from religious leaders in the country.
Lars Rimböck2010-07-04 15:12:40 +0000 #3
This things happens in the world.

And also the christian church is not free of it.

We did long years Yoga seminars with my teacher in a christian monastery.

It was a beautifull location with a very nice atmosphere. The monks of this monastery from time to time joined the yoga classes and everything was fine.

Up to the moment it was prohibited to the monks to rent out their location for yoga seminars by the catholic church.

It`s a pity but intolerance exists all over the world.

Allthough religion means to come together people are seperating from each other in the name of religion.

Rashmi2010-07-04 14:58:33 +0000 #4
Dear friends,


Last year i have read a similar report of banning yoga by christian church in UK. its no surprise me.

In India when arabs came in around 800 Ad thousands of temples were broken, overnight replaced by mosques. People were forced to embrace islam or die a tortorus death on the name of allah, womensa raped, children, elders massacred. The persons who do not believe in Allah is called Kafir. Hindus are considered idolators so they are considered enemy. As Yogas origin lies with it so it is considered a Sin.

As far as my knowledge and understanding of Islam goes , both Islam and christanity have come from Judaism, Jews believe in form less Gods, So islam also believe in formless God called Allah, but christians believe in jesus who happen to be a realised one.

However Hindus believe Truth is one but can be realised in many ways, with a constant flow of self realised Seers , Yogis and saints over a period of time it has become a sea where all rivers of Bhakti and God realisation meet.However they consider Vedas to be fountainhead. Vedas only talk of formless God who is addressed as Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Aadtiya, Hiranyagarbha and many more names. Since creation there are scriptures like manusmriti (written by lord manu), Yagyavalka Smriti(written by yagyavalk), Parashar smriti (written by Rishi parashar father of maharishi Ved Vyasa) and Six Darshans, 18 Upnishad which are based on the self realisation of rishis and based on vedas are there and which glorify one God only. They talk of vedas, Astanga yoga, soul, prakriti etc , science,agriculture, Raja dharm etc. Further all the rishis used to call this dharma as sanatan dharma i.e the one which is eternal.These sacred scripture do not talk of Hinduism at all.

It may be mentioned that post Mahabharat war knowledge of vedas diminished and self made path of worship came, but still there were siddha yogis who came and taught us.

However Islam and christanity has no such clear cut and proven system of Astanga yoga and The path to realise the creator as vedas, darshans(6) and upnishad talk off. Further great siddha yogis like Sai baba of Shirdi (dis tapasya for 12 years just eating leaves of margosa trees), Gajanan maharaj/swami Nityananda of ganeshpuri/Swami sammarth of akkalkot etc (Did hard penance for years)in this kaliyuga and proved the truth of these practices.

But i do wonder why we promote sectarianism we should allow every soul to realise its true nature and realise the creator. All of us are the manifestations of the same God. Infact i feel Yogis with Knowledge of both Param and shabd brahma are only entitled to teach humanity as rightly the vedas have also said.Same fact is also highlighted by Swami paramhansa yogananda in Autobiography of Yogi




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