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justwannabe2010-07-04 15:57:16 +0000 #1
Yesterday I did my evening meditation in the back yard of my moms house about 20 minutes before sunset. When sitting there I had my eyes closed and was focused on the third eye point. I then raised my brow, by doing this I noticed the color coming through turned a lighter gold. Then I put a smile on my face, the color turned even lighter.

why raising the brow and putting a smile on my face mattered, maybe there is an explanation for why but to me that is not important. what is important was my experience of putting more light into my life. SO raise your brows, put a smile on your ace, and meditate, your life may be lighter for it[ ]

i am love, i am peace, i am joy

i am of the same as you for we are all under the same one and sun

brother neil
Nichole2010-07-04 16:05:45 +0000 #2

Something has clearly sparked your desire and I see you moving toward this, your beloved. This was truly your Surya Namaskar. Surya means sun and Namaskar can be translated as, I recognize you as my very Self, as my very Self.

Om Shanti,
justwannabe2010-07-04 16:19:40 +0000 #3
Thank you for your kind word Nichole. I have had many teachers and teaching along the way, now it s the time for the mind to get out of the way so I can truly listen. For me/us/we

this was a listening experience. We are one like you say but we dont think about it that way until we see it that way. lol, kind of like jesus said 'there are those who see but do not see, those who hear but do not hear" I guess because you cant see and think at the same time. So i am choosing to see more and think less, lo and behold it adds more light to my life.

my best and blessings to you, for we are one in the perfect divine that is

love, light, peace, joy

we are that

brother neil



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