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Yoga teacher course during pregnancy

yogi2010-07-04 14:05:38 +0000 #1

Could you please tell me if it is possible to complete yoga teacher course (with the exam)while you are pregnant? If it is possible, up to what month would it be ok to do?

Mirjana2010-07-04 14:19:40 +0000 #2
Hello & welcome to the forum !

I don't now the answer, I can just tell you that my friend from teacher program just told us after holidays that she is pregnant. We are now in the last (third) year, which will finish in June. She will give birth in March. But she is practising yoga already for many years. Our teacher is very supportive and she is for now just normally continuing program.

What is your situation?
xela2010-07-04 14:19:20 +0000 #3
It's absolutely possible! And it gives you one step above the rest because you're going to learn how to modify your practice safely and can therefore help other pregnant yogis who want to keep practicing!
lakshmishegar42010-07-04 15:27:08 +0000 #4
Hi everyone!

I can just tell you that my friend from teacher.
yogi2010-07-04 14:19:03 +0000 #5
Thanks very much for all your replies! It was very helpful!



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