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Asanas after walking

justwannabe2010-07-04 14:18:58 +0000 #1
so today I walked almost 2 miles, then after I squateed down and stretched my knees away from each other lightly with my hands. I figured the hipe would be warm and a good time to open them a little more. WHen I stood up energy went right into my head, you could feel it rush up the spine. any thoughts on this nichole, IA, pandara, etc? any good poses to do after walking or would that release too much energy?

i am love, i am peace, i am joy

i am brother neil
Pandara2010-07-04 14:23:23 +0000 #2
Namaste Neil,

In the philosophies of the martial arts they teach that ki or your intrinsic energy, and in yoga we will translate this as prana, is locked in the belly and hip area. There are also some eastern philosophies who taught that this is the seat of the soul and from where samadhi will flow, again there are many views on this and no absolute.

I do regular walking on a weekly basis as well and I have noticed that i sometimes experience a vibration of energies in the belly and hip area, so obviously for me in any case some energies do get stirred up while walking, especially when one does it with awareness and as a meditation and not merely as a way to loose weight or to keep fit, and I guess you most probably do your walking with the same awareness?

I always end my walking with standing for about ten breaths in Tadasana, I do not like to do heavy stretching or asana after walking. This usually calms the energies for me and ground me again after a very contemplative walk.

Enjoy the walk...



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