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osteophytic lipping of the tibial spines

Csilla2010-07-04 21:28:48 +0000 #1
Hi dear friends:

I haven't post anything for a long while, but I do come to our site a couple times a week to read what's there and do really appreciate all your insights and contribution.

Now I have a question here: I had knee problem for a half year or so and just recently told by my doctor that I have osteophytic lipping of the tibial spines condition. And when I asked him if there is anything I can do (or shouldn't do) to help to reverse the condition. His answer was no. He said there is no treatment (unless knee replacement) for it and just use common sense dont' do anything make my knee hurt. My condition is not bad enough for knee replacement yet, but it does bother me everyday, say up and down stairs that sort of movements.

Well, I was not satisfied with his answer. I like to know what are your opinions. Should I do some of the posts that could be benifical to my knee in long run even it feels hurt now or are there some posts I really should avoid to do them?

I trust I will get some kind and useful information here.

thanks a lot.



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