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Asanas for head & lung congestion

CindyLu2010-07-04 23:52:28 +0000 #1
Can anyone recommend some helpful asanas to move head & lung congestion out. Currently I have been fighting this for almost 3 weeks and am having not much luck moving it along. I was suddenly struck with the desire to just simply do Downward dog today & have done it several times. It seems to help so am wondering if there is more to do. Thanks for your wisdom & input.

barry2010-07-05 00:03:05 +0000 #2
Hello CindyLu

Yep, the downward dog is a good one for lung and sinus congestion particularly if you remember when in dd to gently bring the chin close to the chest - then you will feel the increased circulation in the front of the face.

Also for lung congestion forward and backward bends help.

Dont forget too that postures for the digestive system like twists and any that gently move the belly helps as often poor digestion leads to toxic increase and then increased mucus that can move to other parts of the body like the chest.

You could also try fighting the congestion with garlic.
Nichole2010-07-05 00:32:40 +0000 #3
Hello CindyLu and welcome to the forum!

In my experience, what is most help for cold-related mucous is not asana, but other Yogic and Ayurvedic techniques. Since you have been struggling for the last three weeks, I am going to offer a few here that will hopefully serve you in moving all that extra stuff up and out of you.

1) Begin with a tridoshic or Ayurvedically balanced diet: . Some practitioners will offer a anti-kapha diet immediately, but I have noticed that this sometimes inadvertently causes more mucous to sooth any pitta-heat or vata-dryness that is also being provoked but that is not initially obvious due to the heavy mucous.

2) Jali Neti is therapeutic for the membranes of the nose, sinus system and nasophaynx. If you need any information on that, there are many threads here already, even a recent thread using honey and water to irrigate. You can search the forum for information and still ask any questions you may have.

3) Another technique is to get into a warm/hot shower and begin to do the Ujjaye breath, nice and gently. You can do this for around 10 full, deep-as-you-can breaths and then begin, with your left hand, use the tips of your fingers and begin to tap on the face of your sternum. Be mindful to stay on the bony face of the sternum and do not tap on the xiphoid process. You don't need to tap too hard, but you can tap quite firmly and still be comfortable. The breathing in of the warm, moist air and the tapping serve to loosen the mucous the lay in the lower quadrants of the lungs and then you can then cough and spit it out. This is often very helpful and works quite quickly. As a precaution, because some people may feel slightly light headed, you can leave a door or window open to the room as you shower and you can also sit in the shower to be safe.

Best wishes for your speedy recovery and be sure to search this forum to see what has helped others.




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