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yoga for high uric acid

anirudh2010-07-04 12:23:26 +0000 #1
Hi can anyone suggest me yoga poses to control high uric acid which has been troubling me since last 3 years. also what yoga can i do to overcome osteoarthiritis of the both knees with a view to build up synovial fluid and reduce pain and increase mobility.thanks
louise molenkamp2010-07-04 12:25:45 +0000 #2
Hi anirudh,

Welcome on the forum to you. I understand that you are suffering at this moment.

can you please explain some more about your condition.

Do you know the cause of the high accid.

Since you have this problem for more than 3 years i guess you already tried many things. So we can toss those that doe not work for you.

What do you do for yogapractice at this moment?

sending you love and light

anirudh2010-07-04 13:12:20 +0000 #3
I am basically confined to alom vilom and kapalbhatti pranayam only.please suggest some yoga poses( wont atempt WARRIOR POSE since i have osteoartirits in both knees).also neeed help for pain both heels felt while standing up
louise molenkamp2010-07-04 13:24:51 +0000 #4
Dear anuridh,

i can recommend you to a little magazine Mukunda wrote and others. You can find it at at bookstore called yogatherapy for knees and shoulders. It has a lot of information about asteoartritis also . Food and massage advice for pain and lots of yogaguidelines with arthritis.

There is a 10 days diet from Indra devi that can help you as well It is on search artritis diet: .

It surprises me i hear a lot of people doing pranayama's and do not do asana at all. From who did you learn to do this?

I do not know if you eat meat or drink coffee, but with artritis it is best not do so.

with love from Louise
Pandara2010-07-04 12:42:06 +0000 #5
Namaste and Welcome. Dear Friend I know you are suffering terribly at the moment as my own mother suffers from osteoarthritis as well. However, you give us so little information about your age, sex, eating habits, other forms of exercise you do. A little history of your condition will go a long way to enable other members, who are very knowledgable, to help you with a few suggestions.

Perhaps you can help us by giving us more info?
anirudh2010-07-04 13:59:53 +0000 #6
Dear Pandara I am 44 yr old male weight 76 kg ht 5ft11in.Due to my military profession developed middle age OA in both knees essentially as a result of wear and tear due to tuff military life( first diaganosd at an a age of 40 yrs).also had my first high uric acid problem at that time which i attribute essentially to hvy non veg diet and moderate alcohol present am on some homeopathy and ayurvedic med to reduce my uric acid problem.looking for some god advice to remove high uric acid problem and also reduce knee pain and develop synovial fluid .thanks
Pandara2010-07-04 13:38:47 +0000 #7
Dear Anirudh,

First of all, no alcohol, especially no red meat anymore, no caffiene and this includes most teas as well. If you have to eat animal protein then switch to fish, but only about twice a week. Add more green leafy vegetables to your diet like spinach and broccoli and I know most people don't like it but celery. Celery has wonderful healing qualities for the joints and relief the pain associated with arthritis as well. Rosemary, ginger and tumeric also assist our joints and you can add this through your diet. To relief acidity try infusing a tea of chamomile, fennel and mint.

Try to add glucosamine through a supplement to your diet, it will assist in reparing cartilage and prevent future damage, I know it has been mentioned before on the Forum so perhaps you can search for it here or you can google it for more info.

There is so much you can do in yoga to help you. Exercise in general assist our bodies to get rid of impurities. I want to recommend that you rather go to someone who can teach you a few yoga lessons. Most importantly is to avoid any asana where you have to put pressure on the knees at this stage. Gentle stretches to get you into yoga and to assist your body with its cleansing by flushing out impurities will be most beneficial. Even if standing is too painful you can do most of the stretches sitting down for example. Mukunda Stiles has a beautiful joint freeing series in his book Structural Yoga therapy on page 132-133. I have given this to my own mother for her OA and it is now a year later and I can see the effect it has on her body, she is much more mobile and less pain.

Then the aspect I am more interested in and which I think greatly contribute to our healing is the emotional aspect of your knees and what they represent in your body. The knees are associated with our ego and when we develop knee problems it is a warning sign to us that we attach too much importance to our ego and that we are stubborn to change that. This is the body's emotional response to an over inflated or over important ego and forgive me for pointing this out, but I have been in the military myself and I know how many over inflated ego are there in a camp. Perhaps you must investigate these aspects of your ego and see if there isn't a stubborn cling to self-importance and ultimately the ego. Only you can really help yourself in this aspect, because it is only you who know where your ego rules and regulate.

Good luck and I trust some of the other members will give you some more advice.



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