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bony issue

JustinTime2010-07-04 14:34:16 +0000 #1
Since I have been practising asanas I have developed some unwelcome changes, one of which has gradually occurred in my left foot: one of the bones - through continued practise of sitting on my feet, and other postures of course - has become quite painful. At first I paid no attention but eventually I had a good look, and there is a rather sharp edge now that wasn't there before; that is, if it was then it wasn't prominent before, and now it gets in the way in sitting postures. I also experience sideways tripping with that same foot more often these days. I have no skeletal knowledge but I think it is the outside bone of the Tarsus. Could that be right?

What, if anything, have I done wrong, and will my other foot follow suit in due course perhaps? Have others experienced similar changes?
suryadaya2010-07-04 14:40:00 +0000 #2
When I started doing asana a long time ago, I lost a bunch of weight and everything became bony and uncomfortable. I have to sleep with pillows stuffed everywhere. The only other structural changes I have noticed have been a lengthening and straightening of the spine, freeing of the hips, and a more healthy alignment of the knees. Gratefully nothing 'more painful', only 'less painful', but it is possible that a difference in the muscularity of your foot made an existing edge more prominent.

If I noticed the same thing on my body, I'd probably ask a doctor, because I know nothing about it at all and would want to see what an x-ray looked like. It is possible for the body to have benign bone growths in unusual places that cause discomfort and at the very least I'd like to know it was benign, especially if I noticed myself tripping with that foot more often.

Also, if you're studying under a teacher they may be able to offer some advice - maybe your particular style has a tendency to create spiny projections on left feet and they just forgot to mention it (also called spiny bonasana).

Or maybe you just forgot about that time you dropped a boulder on your foot / got run over by a truck.

I'm being witty, too much coffee.

I wish you the best in discovering what causes this lack of ease!



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