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which path?

urga2010-07-04 14:46:18 +0000 #1
I am at a crossroads!

I have studied Iyengar yoga for the past year and decided to try other practices.One was with a indian yogi who was advertising 'Hot Yoga'.Although not exactly Bikram it as a whole , a much more spirtual practice.The heat is an aside.The postures are not inspected or monitored noticeably.Indeed the Yogi is in his eighties and can barely do some of the postures himself now.However he is inspirational and quite endearing gentleman.

The other is with a German Ashtanga yoga teacher.This is entirely different!

At 47 years old male I feel I may be too late to attempt this form of yoga.The dynamic and powerful nature is a little off daunting.It would be a very long road to travel.

I also decided to look into pranyama!I wish I hadn't!!It seems so complex and incredibly subtle.

I have a problem with some of the subtle bandhas!!

I love yoga but I am now feeling pulled in many different directions and I feel I need to focus on something/one thing!

Any advice or similar experiences out there?

InnerAthlete2010-07-04 14:53:46 +0000 #2
I hope others will read your post as it illustrates how muddled multiple practices can be for the consciousness of the student. That is not to say that diversity isn't important. It is. And there are many brands of yoga available today so the choosing has become magnified.

I think my teacher's words: are far more powerful than my own. View the video and see if it might be helpful. If not, please return here and I'll effort to respond directly.
urga2010-07-04 15:34:45 +0000 #3
Thank you for that!It was very useful

I fully understand we each have to find our own path.However I would imagine that I would have to spen a great deal of time and devotion to each 'style' before being able to assess which one allows me to connect with my spirit and not my ego.

I feel resentful of wasting time when there is so much to learn.I fear that some forms of yoga are not genuine and merely cater for modern Western tastes and lifestyles.

The idealism is clear but the practical application is ,alas,not!



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