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Beginner and the Wii Fit

thechemist2010-07-04 17:51:18 +0000 #1

Thanks to the wii fit, I have included yoga in my morning routine. From the little I have read, there appear to be many facets to yoga whose specifics currently elude me.

The principle behind the fit is that by measuring weight distribution, the console can evaluate your center of mass, your balance, and so on.

The yoga segment on the fit, goes through a cursory introduction on the stance, and how to perform it, however, I find the introduction to the pose lacking.

I would like to know if there are any tips you could offer or how-to that I could be pointed towards for the poses I am currently practicing. More stances will be available as I put in more 'yoga time' on the fit.

The following stances / techniques are currently available to me:

deep breathing, half moon, warrior, tree, sun salutation, palm tree, chair, triangle, and I believe it is called standing leg curl (stand on one leg, holding the other leg with both hands, bringing the leg in during inhale).


Pandara2010-07-04 18:06:26 +0000 #2
Can you imagine the complaints we going to read about now!

I am glad that you have added yoga to your routine, but please a programme cannot replace the invaluable input, knwoledge and wisdom of a properly trained teacher.
xela2010-07-04 18:31:51 +0000 #3
I'm the "yoga chick" at work and people are always coming into my office telling me about wii fit and the yoga poses. What exactly is palm tree pose? hehe

I think it's a great start to the practice and if you are very interested, I suggest definitely going to a class!
cyclezen2010-07-04 18:37:13 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by thechemist


Thanks to the wii fit, I have included yoga in my morning routine. From the little I have read, there appear to be many facets to yoga whose specifics currently elude me.


I'm sure there are many, like me, who would luv to say that aside from a 4 letter similarity, wii fit yoga and yoga are not related.

That it has brought you to the awareness and the door of yoga, is a good thing.

Yoga is a forest of experiences and ideas to be explored, which to me (others may feel differently), is primarily centered within myself. Exploring that forest means my attention is within me, and from there I look outward.

Movements without ideas, without relationships, without the 'self' is not even close to what yoga can be.

I believe that once you truly look for yoga, in yourself, you'll find the wii to be a foreign distraction, and not related at all.

...bon voyage on your search...

Cuisle2010-07-04 18:26:46 +0000 #5
I have a Wii Fit and I do "real" yoga...there are crossovers. The principles are quite different. There's no "competition" in yoga and in Wii, as in any game, there is a sense of competition against yourself. Training to increase your stats, etc. Yoga in "real life" is self-improvement of a subtler variety, to me. Wii Fit's yoga is just for fun, but if it became my true yoga practice, I'd be right back to exercise bulimia as I'd obsess over doing "better" (as I do a bit with Wii Sports where your "fitness age" is calculated and can go up or down in a given day). I still like it as a game.

But it's fun that it is bringing yoga to more public consciousness. Can it be a bad thing for people to get curious about a practice like yoga? Aside from the potential of doing something incorrectly and hurting themselves, I mean. Perhaps people will be drawn to learn more about the practice legitimately (as I believe the individual who began this thread was). I think if everybody took some yoga time in a day quality of life would be improved (in a world where we degrade our own quality of life with self-imposed stressors).

I love that there's a video game platform that makes you move, period. Wii Sports blew my mind the first time I played it, and I think I totally annoyed my cousins (who are kids) who introduced me to it - I was bouncing all over the place playing tennis as if I was doing the real thing. They were much "cooler" simply flicking their wrists and I'm sure I came across quite a buffoon. But I love my Wii for an excuse to get moving in a fun way.



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