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yoga teacher training: where?

amor2010-07-04 21:32:21 +0000 #1
hello, all. i'd like to do a yoga teacher training this year or next and am looking for recommendations as to where to do this. i was considering doing at the sivananda yoga ashram, where i stayed for some time, but am now thinking to consider other options. i'd like something a little more fast-paced and perhaps where you'd get slightly more teaching experience. i would also like to do a course that would allow me a greater chance of being able to teach outside of said ashram, center, or studio. i can only do an intensive course where i'd be staying at the place where i'm taking the course since i'm moving so frequently these days. ideally, i'd like to do a 30-day intensive course.

any suggestions?

thanks <3
amor2010-07-04 21:47:49 +0000 #2
If you can, please recommend a place in the U.S., preferably on the east coast. I'm willing to travel abroad as well, but my first choice is closer to home.
Kiran2010-07-04 21:46:39 +0000 #3
I've not yet been trained as a yoga teacher but it remains a dream to fulfill once I return to the USA. That said, I've done quite a bit of research and will try to do mine in Santa Barbara at the White Lotus Foundation, where my first teacher earned her certification.

Since you are looking on the east coast, I've heard good things about Kripalu up in Mass but would also suggest looking into Mukunda Stiles' Yoga Therapy Center in Holyoke, Mass. If the courses are half as good as his books, its probably worth looking into.

So, until someone with actual experience in yoga teacher training chimes, in, I hope this helps in your search.


siva2010-07-04 22:43:46 +0000 #4
Om Amor,

You might also want to ask folks why they recommend a particular program, perhaps to better identify alignment with your teaching interests. Are you wanting to be the best yogi you can be, or a more popular teacher? They are not always the same thing.

Follow your purest instinct. Everyone will tell you to go where they went. That said...take a course that offers the most number of consecutive days, including pranayama. That might be Sivananda.

Here's why.

It's very difficult to acquire any degree of genuine experience in a program broken up over a period of weeks, mostly because pranayama is a graduated process that needs to be practiced daily. Without a completely devoted, daily, concentrated effort, the experience might be more cerebral at best, and you can't teach yoga from your head.

Just my opinion.

Om Namah Sivaya




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