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Issues with Knees

SpiritSeeker2010-07-04 18:02:43 +0000 #1
How do you "open up your knees" so that when you are kneeling it doesn't hurt? What issues do we hold in our knees?
louise molenkamp2010-07-04 18:07:22 +0000 #2
Hello spiritseeker, where does it hurt in your knees? did anything happen to your knees ( accident / operation) You need to give more information about location also for an advice about opening knees.

You can always sent your breath into your knees, hold the healing energy there and breath out the air. Do you practice yoga? Know pavanmuktasana ( joint freeing series?)

What issues we hold in our knees? You can ask yourself - for what or who on earth will i kneel down? What does it mean for you to kneel down? how does it make you feel and so on.

sending you love and light

SpiritSeeker2010-07-04 18:41:25 +0000 #3
I do practice yoga - mainly hatha and ashtanga. I have had a practice for almost 9 years. I have never had an accident or operation around my knees. I do kneel to pray daily ( on carpet usually). I like the idea of using my breath more to open them. Terri
Pandara2010-07-04 19:12:23 +0000 #4
Namaste Terri,

I shall only focus on the emotional issues relating to the knees in my reply. I am a strong believer in the correlation between our emotions and our illnesses or dis-eases in life. Some other members may offer info to you relating to the physical and other aspects of the knees.

When I started yoga now more than 10 years ago, my knees were also a very weak spot, I could hardly kneel on them for longer than a minute. So I started to investigate and I discovered a little book by Loiuse L. Hay called Heal you Body. In it she describes how problems with the knees relate to our emotions and the knees specifically to a stubborn ego, pride, the inability to give in and the biggest emotion of all fear.

I knew immediately that this was true for me and I started to work on the issues, especially on my ego which was still so inflated at that stage of my life and some of my fears stemming from childhood experiences. After about 3 months there was this remarkable improvement, I could kneel for about 5 minutes and it increased as I released more and more of the emotions. Today I don't know about my knees anymore, when they do hurt it is sort of my pre-warning system that my ego is taking over or need attention or some loving-kindness and I work on the issue, which resolve the knee problem.

Good luck and i trust that this will assist you in resolving this problem. Please remember this is my view and holds truth for me and it might be different for you, but I hope you will find a resolution quick.



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