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Skomakardotter2010-07-04 18:22:35 +0000 #1
Please note; I know almost nothing about yoga. I write on behalf of a friend of mine, who has some problems in that he has been haunted by insomnia, for a long time, since he visited a 'hardcore' Zen-meditation-camp. And, as the Ajna Chakra by some is said to be connected to, or actually correspond to, the sleeping-control-centre in the brain (the pineal gland, releasing Melatonin which makes us sleep and therefore control our sleeping habits), I just wonder if it's possible that my friend in some way has managed to disturb the balance of this "third eye" or "eye of knowledge" by meditating intensely, reaching a level of consciousness he wasn't prepared for? It seams plausible, in my eyes, that he by mistake has awakened something which he can not control, resulting in this inability to sleep. What do you think? Is there a connection? And if so, what can one do about it?



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