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Beginner needs help

DianZz2010-07-04 17:33:59 +0000 #1 just new in yoga..its about 3 month iv been starting,but since iv been smoking too..i didnt have any proggress,i think..iv smoked since highschool,and now im 27,iv spent almost 2 pack per day&im ex-drugs user too..6 years id use heroin..iv quit since 2007,right now i have paranoid disorder&very hard to sleep..what best 4 my practice? i have Light on Yoga,iyengar book..i followed the daily practice on that book..any advice or alternative from the master in here,it could be very Thankfull..hehe,sorry if my english not good..thanks b4 oh yea last question.. do i must to stop smoking if i want to serious in practice??thanx
Pandara2010-07-04 17:36:10 +0000 #2

It seems that you attempt yoga on your own steam without a teacher trying things out etc. I am going to be blunt and straightforward here please forgive me, but with that amount of abuse and the intensity of the abuse you have inflicted on your body, I would strongly recommend that you PLEASE find a teacher to help you. You need special care and someone who can help you. The wrong choice of yoga of practices and combined with an unprepared body may just aggrevate your panic disorder and create more anxiety in you.

Good luck and I pray that you will please go and seek the assistance of a techer.
A Better Me2010-07-04 17:44:08 +0000 #3
Might I suggest a dvd by Mark Whitwell called:[b]Real Yoga for Real People (200

After attending an all day workshop with him last week, I can honestly recommend his dvd to help build a foundation (especially to those who don't have a teacher available to them) for your practice. He truly speaks from the heart with "no strings attached".

Best of luck to you.



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