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justwannabe2010-07-04 13:32:39 +0000 #1
I was reading some stuff the other day and I came across the topic of co creation and I thought I would share some of that. It was not just that one book but rather a compilation of books and life experiences that brought this to the forefront of my mind.

WHen we say I WANT....... that is what we put into the universe. If I say I want happiness, we put that out into our consciousness and the universe. like our heart beats things expand and contract inside of us and the universe. so if I want happiness my wanting of happiness will expand. It is not the amount of happiness that will expand, but the wanting for it. If I want more money, my want for more money will expand. If I want more peace, then my wanting for peace will expand. When I realize what I am then I can expand what I am. If I am negative and focus on that, I will expand that. If I focus on being positive I will expand that. Inside of me is peace and non peace. I am focusing on being peace so when I focus on that I expand in that. Inside of me is joy and non joy, I am focusing on being joy. SInce I am already joy and I focus on that my joy expands.

there are times when we wish to alter our lives, we "want" to create a new life. We do not have to create a new life. If you want more peace look back on any single moment that you had peace adn you will see peace is inside of you. So recognize that "I am peace" and reflect back on that peaceful moment. If you "want" to feel more whole, reflect on a time where you felt whole, and since you realize feeling whole is a part of your being, then you are whole and tell yourself, "I am whole". If you focus on the doctors who say you are depressed, bipolar, add, adhd, schizzo, etc...... You will expand in that. Each day take time reflecing of a moment of peace, joy, love, awe, happiness, etc...... For that is what you are

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