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Neti Pot Usage

Questioner2010-07-04 16:00:28 +0000 #1
I teach the use of Neti pot to my students, and the results for those that try have always been very positive. I have one student for whom it is very painful. I recommend using non-iodized sea salt to make a saline solution with warm water. However, for this student, it apparently does not work. Do you know of what else could be used that would be gentler? She said she has always had a very sensitive nose, used to get bloody noses quite a bit, but know of no other damage.

Thanks, Joe
Mukunda2010-07-04 16:03:34 +0000 #2
Students who have allergies or sensitivities to nasal area should do wash with distilled water only no salt. Try using a neti pot by gravity flow only not any effort in snuffing. This might be all that is needed. There is also bodywork internal to nose and to manipulate the facial bones that is helpful for people with serious chronic issues in the passages. This i can do or my partner Jan Larivee.
thefatone2010-07-04 16:44:22 +0000 #3
I have tried the neti pot. I can not get it to flow from one side and out the other. I have read and watch videos, but can not seem to get right. It seems that it just hits a wall and eventually I will get the saline in my throat, but no matter what it never flushes thru the sinus and out the other side. any ideas?
InnerAthlete2010-07-04 16:28:58 +0000 #4
Have you tried a) blowing your nose and b) eliminating dairy products from your diet?

If you are getting the solution in your throat then you are not in proper alignment bio-mechanically speaking.

I don't really fancy discoursing about Neti over the Internet. It should be shown to you by your teacher.

However, life is what it is.

Tell us more about your neti process. If we don't have to guess we may be able to answer you sensibly.
sarahy2010-07-04 16:36:31 +0000 #5
i had the same problem when i first started with the neti and every time i start again after a break. the saline solution will hit a wall and the only out point is the back of the throat. my suggestions to try would be:

1. pour more slowly, if it hits a wall just let it hit that wall, eventually i've found it will break through.

2. try different head positions, tilting the head in different ways until it's not running down the back of the throat. i almost always get stuff in the back of my throat eventually- i just let it go as it's still flushing.

3. i was told to use a litre (i have a lot of nasty stuff up there) per session (and 3 sessions/day), so once the path has been cleared, don't stop, keep rinsing and rinsing until you've gone through a litre.

i love dairy so even though i've been told that could help i don't want to give it up. i also have animal allergies, but won't give up my 2 dogs. the neti bowl is my friend.
Fin2010-07-04 17:24:55 +0000 #6
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comments.

Where did you purchase the neti pot from?

If anyone knows of a good Internet supplier – I am interested.


Bridgette2010-07-04 17:20:13 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by Fin

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comments.

Where did you purchase the neti pot from?

If anyone knows of a good Internet supplier – I am interested.



Just one of many places on the web you can find one.

Health & Wellbeing - Neti Pots & Supplies:



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