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Namaste from Flying Monkey Yoga

flyingmonkeyyoga2010-07-04 16:56:45 +0000 #1
Namste yogis & yoginis

Flying Monkey Yoga is the name of the yoga shala I share with my partner Alison Hawkins. We live in Goa most of the year. We teach yoga asana, meditation, pranyama and provide massage treatments. Some times we get to travel to other countries to work when we are very lucky.

Goa is an interesting place to be based as there as so many western yoga teachers and students that pass through during the busy dry season, and slowly more Indian teachers are starting to come too which is even better.

We have been here nearly three years and have met some wonderful yogis.

our website if you are interested to see what we do.

Wishing you all love n' light

Oskar Nery



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