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Energy during class.

A Better Me2010-07-04 22:07:51 +0000 #1
Someone walked into class today with an energy that was so negative, so angry, so unlike anything I've ever experienced that it really threw me. Coincidentally my teacher discussed how energy of others can effect you in our previous class and then today this person walks in, almost as if to demonstrate her previous story of energy.

Although I have experienced this in life I've never experience it during a yoga class. I really just tried to focus as much as I could on the teacher in front of me, but this student didn't even follow instruction (almost as if she was doing her own thing ) and then proceeded to leave 45 minutes into a 90 minute class! Any other suggestions on how to deal with a situation such as this?
xela2010-07-04 22:15:03 +0000 #2
It's hard when you are sensitive to people's energy. It usually only effects me if the person is close and it that case I'll usually find an excuse to move my mat.
InnerAthlete2010-07-04 22:30:12 +0000 #3
It sounds as though this has already been dealt with.

Of course we can't only have an existence where we surround ourselves with un-angry people (as that would likely qualify as Aversion to anger and Attachment to manners).

I tend to follow Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (I:33) on how to treat others. But you must also take care of yourself. An interesting opportunity for discovering balance.
A Better Me2010-07-04 22:21:01 +0000 #4

I found my balance today in a class that was beautiful and full of light.

Thankfully most of my classes are with student who are happy to be in class.

Thanks for your insight.
Mirjana2010-07-04 23:52:37 +0000 #5
Nichole posted this video a while ago and I think it's a nice inspiration:

YouTube - Pema Chodron "Troublemakers": Video From YouTube:(link)
A Better Me2010-07-04 22:39:12 +0000 #6
mirjana, thank you for that.



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