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Ovarian cyst

Questioner2010-07-04 17:03:57 +0000 #1
I am going to be working with a woman in her early thirties who has

A large ovarian cyst on one of her ovaries. She is trying to avoid

Surgical treatment that the doctors say would require removal of that

entire ovary. She has been receiving TCM (herbs and acupuncture) which is somewhat helpful and would like to add yoga to her treatment. I am curious to know which postures to avoid and which to include in a short practice. Specifically, how would backbending (especially belly down) and inversions speak to this situation? She also has intermittent bleeding and long, heavy menstruation. Thanks again for being so generous with your information and the time it takes for you to maintain this forum.

Mukunda2010-07-04 17:09:59 +0000 #2
C - I have heard from a yoga teacher I trained that during her training with Susan Weed, master herbalist, that Susan recommended eating a raw beet daily for 30 days for any woman with fibroids and cysts. Then following this to eat one a month as a preventative. The women who have done this have reported exceptionally positive changes in their body.

I would recommend this woman not do any heavy asanas or intense practices such as Ashtanga or Bikram but rather she do milder practice with modest effort in back bends. Definitely not the bow or wheel (belly down as you put it) but bridge or camel for short periods. In general women with heavy menstruation should not do inversions as energy wants to go down and not into the upper abdomen. Mainly I would recommend prolonged gentle effort in forward bends. In addition I would also recommend Kapalabhati and Agnisar dhouti pranayamas for purifying the abdominal region. Only someone who is trained under a teacher directly to learn them should teach these. If you need assistance i can show you or your student when I come to Boston week following Easter.



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