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yogeshvaraom2010-07-04 14:39:21 +0000 #1
Wow, I just discovered this site and I want to be respectful. A friend is a follower of Mukunda and I appreciate his work. I also noticed that though outbound links to commercial sites are enjoined against in the TOS people are doing it without censure, so I'm guessing if done with the right spirit it is OK.

My site has many hundreds of yoga related items but what I want to feature here is a new section of the site I'm very proud of which has lots of free resources including Yoga and OM screensavers and wallpapers, yoga news from around the world, cool links etc. You can find these things here.

Yoga Life Style Resources:

I hope you like it and I'd love some feedback.

This is an image from one of our screensavers!



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