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Light on the Path

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Light on the Path

Out of the silence that is peace, a resonant voice shall

arise. And this voice will say : It is not well; then hast

reaped, now thou must sow. And, knowing this voice to

be the silence itself, thou wilt obey.

The resonant voice that proceeds from " out of the

silence that is peace " is the voice of Spirit forcing its

way into the field of consciousness. The voice is not

as plain as when heard at the moment of illumina-

tion, for the ear is filled with the vibrations of the

lower planes, and cannot sense so clearly the high

vibrations proceeding from the upper regions of the

mind. But the voice is insistent, and if listened to

will make itself heard. It will not be confused with

the thought-waves with which the ether is filled,

for when one thinks of the spiritual plane he is lifted

upward mentally, and the lower vibrations cannot

reach him so plainly. He soon learns to distinguish

the clear pure voice of Spirit from the grosser

thought-waves that are beating upon him. The

voice of Spirit always has an " upward " tendency,

and its influence is always toward higher things*

" And this voice will say: It is not well; thou

hast reaped, now thou must sow/' This passagepictures the longing which possesses the true occult-

ist, who has experienced the higher consciousness,

and which impels him to carry out in actual life the

truth which he has received—to manifest in action

and association with the world, the thought which

has come to him in the silence.

The soul may wait in solitude until the truth

comes to it—but the truth, when once received and

given a lodgment in the heart, fills the soul with a

divine unrest, and causes it to go forth into the world

and live the life of the Spirit among and with men,

instead of apart and away from them. The man to

whom spiritual illumination has come—even in its

lightest form—is a changed being. He radiates

thought of a different character from that emanat-

ing from the minds of those around him. He has

different ideals and consequently different thoughts.

And his thought-waves have an effect upon the great-

body of thought-waves of the world. They leaven

the mass—they are like the stream of pure water

pouring into the muddy pond, which pure stream

gradually clears the entire pond. His thoughts and

presence are needed in the world's work, and so the

Spiritual Mind sends him an impulse to go forth and

live the life—to live it among men and women, and

not apart from them. It says to him : " Thou hast

reaped, now thou must sow." And knowing this

voice to be the silence itself he obeys.



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