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Practicing power yoga daily

amv27502010-07-04 16:23:13 +0000 #1
I have been practicing power yoga daily for the past 2 1/2 weeks and have been noticing some light headedness durring the day especially when standing up or bending over. Also I think I may have pinched a nerve durring practice in my wrist. I have a slight pain in my wrist but my arm and hand have some numbness that has been happening for the past week. Any advise?
InnerAthlete2010-07-04 16:26:59 +0000 #2
Unless you'd find my guessing to be helpful I'd need a bit more information Amy.

I'll presume you are female. Other than that you've left out any detail of you at all. Are you young, old, tall, short? What is your fitness background? Where are you relative to your optimum weight? Do you have any health issues?

Where are you practicing? Is this in a class lead by a qualified instructor or are you practicing at home using a DVD?

If you have recently taken up a new fitness regimen (vinyasa yoga every day for 18 days) how is your diet supporting the increase in physical activity? Specifically, what are you eating in terms of protein, carbs, and healthy fat and what beverages are you using to hydrate your self??

If you have pinched a nerve and you're experiencing numbness or tingling in your arm (keeping in mind I am not a doctor) then it is more likely to be "pinched" in your neck thus impinging communication to your extremity. If it is a pinched nerve in your neck you'd likely experience a limitation in range of movement in your neck and at that point I'd like to know more specifics about the practice you are doing - the poses and their sequence.



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