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Looking for help about the Muladhara

BoutyC2010-07-04 14:49:42 +0000 #1
I've never practiced yoga before and I dont really know where to start. However I practice martial arts and have done minor research into ki. Ever since I was young I've been able to emit a higher than normal amount of heat from my hands and from doing research I learned of a breathing exercise that monks perform where they envision a fire in their stomachs and many tubes are spead out throughout the body. You then see the fire move through those tubes throughout the body. Its helped me keep my body temperature high when I was cold. Im not sure what its called, but thats the most experience I've ever had with breathing exercises.

About a month ago I was doing some though training, I wasn't meditating or anything, just sitting down thinking, and then I ended on a thought that made me curious. I have naturally bad vision, so I see different than most people because I have to focus on seeing, as compared to a person that sees and just takes everything in. I wondered if that could be applied to the feeling of living. We all naturally live, but we dont have to put the effort into living. Our heart just beats, when were hungry we eat, when we need to perform bodily functions we do. I wasnt sure how to go about on "focusing on living" but I thought about it and I felt a strange feeling develop between my crotch and anus. It felt weird at first so I instantly stopped thinking about what I was thinking. But it intrigued me and I would slowly do it from time to time. As I got better at it I would begin to feel a sensation of electricity move through my lower body, mainly focused around my legs. Now the feelings have begun to extend to my arms, and its getting hard to focus that feeling.

From my research on Ki through martial arts, I realized that that region I was feeling odd in was a chakra center called the Muladhara. I dont really know anymore about that, and I dont know if it can be activated just by thinking about it, because that's what it seems like. However, I've been able to sustain the feeling for about a minute at a time now, and my legs feel rejuvenated during that period, and my muscles seem to get tighter, but without tension. Can anybody recommend insight to my situation. Can the Muladhara chakra be activated without meditation? And if it is activated what are the benefits, and the negatives. Also what kind of exercises can I do to expand my control of this situation. I'm going about this blind and even I know that playing with these things incorrectly can be damaging. I hope someone can help me.



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