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newbie in pain!

irishyogavirgin2010-07-04 20:59:08 +0000 #1
Hi all, im new to the board, and new to yoga! i had my second class this week, where we lerned the sun salutations, and ive found myself very sore now, mostly my shoulders and triceps, and its making practising very uncomfortable,.. is this normal in a newbie? im trying to stick at it, as im assuming the more i stretch and loosen myself up, the easier it will become, but should i make any mdifications in the mean time?

thanks in advance!
InnerAthlete2010-07-04 21:08:53 +0000 #2
Hello Irish,

There are 18 versions of Surya Namaskar. So knowing which one you are feeling would be helpful. Sun Salutations are used/abused in different ways in different practices.

In some practices it is used for working out, filling time, as a transition, etcetera. In those sorts of practices you might be doing Surya Namaskar 20 times or more. If that is the case AND you are doing a version of SN which includes Chaturanga Dandasana then yes indeed your shoulder muscles would hurt for about three days following your first few practices.

In other practices Surya Namaskar is used with intention and purpose, beyond the topsoil ones I've listed in the previous paragraph. Again, it is possible to have muscle soreness though I'd hope it would NOT be in the four muscles comprising the rotator cuff - supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis.

On a more pragmatic level, if you are not used to the muscle demands you are placing on your body - holding your body weight away from the floor in a push up, lowering it to the floor etcetera, the muscles would respond by being sore.

However you should not delude yourself into believing that loosening yourself up is "good" nor that loosening yourself and stretching will effect such muscle soreness. Yoga is not about loosening up. It is about moving some things and stabilizing others.

Your muscle demand will be responded to by your nervous system in such a way as to allow you to do the movements you are doing. After five weeks of the same action the body will shift and presume what you are doing is not a crisis but in fact every day life - presuming you do not hurt yourself.



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